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Lizzo jams with The Simpsons in the final season preview: WATCH

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Lizzo will stop at The Simpsons On the final episode of the 34th season of the FOX series on May 21, the Grammy-winning singer previewed her look with an animated jam featuring Springfield’s gorgeous saxophonist, Lisa.

In an Instagram message, Lizzo shared, “Every icon is on thesimpsons – now I can add my name to the list! Thanks to the whole team for making this dream a reality.” She also gushes about her animated counterpart’s personal details, which include a blue swimsuit from her underwear brand Yitty as well as her trusty flute, Sasha.

A separate post from Sasha Flute’s solo account declared, “IM OFFICIALLY THE MOST FAMOUS FLUTE IN D WORLD,” and featured the accomplished flutist playing the show’s famous music with Lisa on saxophone and Bart setting a “fiery” beat with rhythmic slaps to Homer’s face. Although the unlucky patriarch adds some well-timed “Ow’s” and “Why you little–” we can’t help but feel like he missed a reference at the end of the “D’Oh!” Watch both clips below.


The upcoming episode, titled “Homer’s Adventure Through the Windshield,” was originally teased in February by executive producer and writer Tim Long, who said Entertainment Weekly that “Lizzo says the word ‘bitch’ a lot and Homer doesn’t get along well”. It’s revealed that she will play as well as a fictional guide to Homer’s elven spirit – looking vaguely similar to his famous voice advisor once personified by Johnny Cash. She will also perform an original tune to “It Was Marge, Bitch” by Long and Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie.

Long shared that Lizzo brought her flute to the recording studio and ditched the line from the preview when she told Lizzo, “I’ll have my Sasha Flute and you take your saxophone and let’s jam.” He admitted that the unexpectedly deep reference to Homer’s mispronunciation of “saxophone” from the Season 9 episode “Lisa Sax” impressed the crew and “everyone was dumbfounded — we’re from Lizzo and she’s from before.” [Homer voice actor] Dan [Castellaneta]. “

Lizzo’s short period The Simpsons She stands in as her latest cameo after recently appearing alongside Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd The Mandalorian. Elsewhere in the year 2023, it was released private The singer visited Sesame Street and made an abrupt stop for SZA’s recent performance “SOS Tour”.


As for her next collaboration, Lizzo could be all set to join Nickelback onstage on her upcoming tour after the disgraced rock band extended an open invitation to her in response to complementary notes she made in 2019.

Meanwhile, the future The Simpsons Still safe, at least for two more seasons, the long-running comedy was renewed through 2025 in January.

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