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Airbus faces tensions | The cost of Livret A accounts affects BPCE results

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News ➡ Airbus’ net profit fell 62% in the first quarter of 2023 | This fall pretty much explains it Decreased aircraft shipments To the first quarter of 2022 only 127 aircraft delivered against 142 last year. supply chain forAirbusthat matters 18,000 resourcessuffered from tensions in the supply of raw materials or components, as well as staffing problems, which led to delays in the final assembly of the aircraft. Commercial Aircraft DivisionAirbus’ main source of income, its operating profit fell 84% to 197 million eurosThis is mainly due to lower aircraft deliveries, lower favorable exchange rates and the absence of the exceptionally positive contributions recorded in the previous year. Airbus discount too 360 million euros from its operating profit Adjusted for discrepancies in proof of payments in dollars prior to delivery of the aircraft and revalued on the balance sheet once the aircraft was delivered to customers. However, despite these disappointing results, Airbus maintained its guidance for 2023, with With the aim of delivering 720 aircraft and adjusted operating profit of €6 billion. operating profit Airbus helicopters It jumped 73% to 156 million euros, while the division jumped defense And space It decreased by 62% to 36 million euros, “mainly reflecting lower turnover”. Turnover fell 2% to 11.76 billion euros.

No. Today ➡ 533 million euros | French Combined Banking Group BPCE It announced a 29% decline in its net profit in the first quarter of 2023, which amounted to 533 million euros. This decrease is mainly due to It increases in the rate of Liveret A., currently at 3%. but, Nicholas NamiasThe BPCE Chairman highlighted the group’s “commercial performance” across all areas of the business. Net banking income (NBI) fell 5% to €5.8 billion, but would have risen 1% without the impact of higher interest rates on regulated savings and net profit of 8%.


BPCE, which owns nearly 30% of about 55 million Livret A, is one of the banking groups hardest hit by the additional cost of regulated savings, which requires paying holders more. This is the heaviest of all Organized savings stock. Despite this decline in results, the bank maintained its core capital ratio (CET1) at a level well above European requirements and averages.

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