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Superman: Legacy Cast Rumors Includes David Corenswet, Nicholas Hoult, Emma Mackey, and Rachel Brosnahan

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James Gunn writes and directs Superman: Legacy as the first film of his tenure as co-chairman of DC Studios. New report from Hollywood Reporter He reveals some names by looking at the star in the movie.

Multiple sources say David Korenswet, who played PearlThe projectionist-turned-victim in the 2022 horror film T-West, is a prime candidate to play Superman and will audition for the role in the coming weeks. Two other actors are said to be in competition for Clark Kent, but their identities have yet to be revealed. The casting of Superman comes after Henry Cavill announced that he would not be playing the superhero despite his return being previously confirmed; The change prompted Gunn’s motivation for choosing not to continue working with Cavill as being “best for the story”.

sex education Star Emma Mackie — who will soon play one of the many Barbies in the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie — is one of the names the studio is considering for Lois Lane. The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Starr Rachel Brosnahan, BridgertonPhoebe Dynevor and Sixth screamSamara Weaving also qualifies for the role, though it’s unclear who advanced to the screen test stage for casting. A source says Brosnahan auditioned “fantastically” for the role, but at 32, she may be outside the age range the studio is considering for Lane (yikes).


Meanwhile, conflicting reports place Nicholas Hoult – who stars opposite Nick Cage in last month’s Starring Renfield – either Superman or Lex Luthor, the franchise’s famous supervillain. Trade says his name has been under discussion for weeks, and one source noted, “The studio has been loving him ever since way of anger. “

Gunn and DC co-president Peter Safran, the report asserts, “are no closer to deciding” on the cast for the film. The names shown have only been floated among insiders, and not every actor is expected to screen test. However, the list allows DC fans to picture what Superman: Legacy It could look while waiting for the movie’s July 11, 2025 release date.

Responding to the report, Gunn said he would “never comment on who does or doesn’t audit a role. That’s just the actor’s job and not something I would announce unless they do it first… Right now, only one person has been cast in Superman: Legacyand not any of the regular players in the Superman universe.”


new Superman The movie is part of Gunn’s efforts to revive and expand the DC extended universe in the same way he helped Marvel explode Guardians of the Galaxy. Before Gunn could see his vision to fruition, however, Warner Bros. decided to take the plunge. The previous DC Films era will conclude with The Flash, Blue Beetle, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom later this year.

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