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Solidarity is a pillar for building the future project

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Generosity is more than a value: it is a daily act in the service of the social pact that binds us as citizens. The crises we are going through require that we build a society in which solidarity is a central value.

In recent years, the French have proven that they don’t wait for others to commit themselves to causes of public interest. in 2022, 50% of French people have donated at least once to a foundation or charity*. Solidarity evolves and adapts to a country facing environmental, social and economic challenges. With the power of community, we will be able to effect real change.

An expression of generosity

In 2015, the attack occurred on Charlie Hebdo It led to an unprecedented wave of solidarity. Millions of euros were raised to help the families of the victims. Even if this mobilization had always existed, this event revealed a new relationship of national solidarity with the emergence of citizens’ spontaneous impulses. The Covid19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and more recently the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have shown the vulnerability of our society. Faced with these critical situations, the French are committed and choose to help the poor. Despite the clichés sometimes attributed to them, the French are infinitely generous! They give a little, a lot of their time, for an association, for an elderly neighbor, for loved ones in difficulty. They also give their money to support causes close to their hearts, reduce injustice, and build a world where everyone can find their place.

Solidarity has a new face

She is now reincarnated. In fact, passion and closeness to a cause are the constant motivators that drive the French to give. Among the most important events: the Covid19 crisis. According to the Court of Accounts, 200 million euros in donations from the French Raised by five charitable organizations. The fact that this virus can infect everyone, regardless of social class, is one factor that explains this outburst of solidarity. As part of pension reform, public support for strikers is evidenced by initiatives at the local and national levels. However, economic turmoil such as inflation can have an impact on the French’s budget and thus their generosity.

New cranes

Solidarity is expressed in a general way, with associations: through volunteering or through the provision of financial support. But we’re seeing a diversification of ways to give through digital. Round-up purchases at checkout, direct debits, holiday vouchers and meal vouchers are now classics. It is also possible to use a solidarity credit card. In events, new sectors have been mobilized in recent years. Like the ZEvent 2022a charity marathon, broke the record for the donations he collected 10 million euros for four environmental associations. The goal today is to continue to create tools through the digitization of the collection, to make donating easy and affordable for everyone.

Youth is the future of solidarity

More and more young people are participating in the self-help movements. They get involved in favor of causes that particularly affect them, through civil obligations but also financially. proof with Increase volunteering between 18-30 years : According INJEPAnd 64% of them volunteered their time within another association or organization (union, political party) in 2021 vs 51% in 2019. The environment is a growing concern for young people, who today have more means of struggle and can really move the lines in society. We have a role to encourage them in their power to act and support their aspirations, interests and dreams.
Regardless of the economic situation, crisis or prosperity, the French remain united. Every act of generosity, big or small, contributes to a more just society. Besides citizens, corporations also play a role in the way of production differently, with the help and promotion of research, culture and social ties. Organizations, volunteers, donors, companies and public authorities, by joining together we can deliver the most impactful solutions, nationally and in the most isolated of places.

* IPSOS Scale – Apprentice d’Auteuil of Solidarity 2023

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