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‘My Plane Crashed,’ California YouTuber Crash May Be Sent To 20 Years In Prison

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In the world of YouTube stunts, the daring YouTuber has taken things to a whole new level, risking his life and now facing dire consequences. Known for his outrageous actions, Trevor Jacob could be sentenced to 20 years in prison after he advocated obstructing a federal investigation. You ask what did he do? Prepare to be silly.

YouTuber Trevor Jacob has admitted obstructing a federal investigation after he deliberately shot down his plane to solicit opinions and then hide evidence.

In an effort to get clicks and views, Jacob orchestrated a plane crash prank that got out of control. It all started innocently enough when he boarded a solo flight from Lompoc City, California, with the intention of flying to Mammoth Lakes. However, just 35 minutes into the flight, he reported a sudden mechanical failure and immediately exited the plane, while his GoPro cameras captured every breathtaking moment.

Miraculously, Jacob lands safely with his parachute, leaving the wrecked plane to crash in the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest. Unbeknownst to him, the entire incident was recorded by a camera on a selfie stick he had in hand as he descended. Seize the opportunity to get some more exciting shots, then head to the crash site and collect the remaining evidence.

Little did he know that his carefully choreographed stunt would attract the attention of aviation enthusiasts and federal agencies. Attentive viewers dissected the video, exposing inconsistencies in Jacob’s narrative. On the strength of these findings, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) quickly opened their investigations.

In a shocking twist, Jacob admits that the entire scene was part of a sponsorship deal. However, his troubles did not end with his pilot’s license being revoked, which had already happened the year before. Now he finds himself contemplating the possibility of spending the next two decades behind bars for obstructing a federal investigation.

When the NTSB informed Jacob that he was responsible for preserving the wreckage for examination, he took matters into his own hands—literally. Using a helicopter, he transported the mutilated remains of the plane to the hangar at Lombok City Airport, where he cleverly hid it on a trailer hitched to his truck. The plane was then disassembled and scrapped for parts in an apparent attempt to hide evidence.

Ironically, despite the sheer audacity of the stunt, Jacob’s original video, titled “I Crashed My Airplane,” garnered a relatively modest 3.1 million views in 18 months. To put it in perspective, that’s the same number of views Carwow gets for a video showing three cars racing down a track — minus the life-threatening risks.

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As Jacob faces the legal repercussions of his recklessness, his case is a stark reminder that the pursuit of online fame should never come at the expense of safety, integrity, or the law. The world of YouTube stunts can provide entertainment, but it also requires responsibility and respect for boundaries. It may be a cautionary tale for content creators and viewers alike, reminding us that there are lines that should never be crossed, no matter how attractive viral fame.

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