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Zacapa la Armonia: a heavenly gastronomic experience above the clouds

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Every year since 2021, Famous Guatemalan rum brand Zacapa Presenting an exclusive bottle with unique characters and scents, it is part of the “Heavenly Cask” collection. This collection pays homage to the four barrels used during the aging process 2300 meters high. Post references there Always And AlmaAnd Zacapa Present No armoniaalso known as ” Harmony Barrel To savor an experience above the clouds.

rum Zacapaoriginally from Guatemala, recognized for its high quality. It is made from exceptional raw materials and enhanced with knowledge Lorena VasquezAnd Cellar master, which meticulously composes each note. For this, it uses a unique manufacturing process called “Sistema Solera”, in which rums of various ages and profiles are pooled together, then aged in a successive four-barrel succession. By transporting this dynamic reproduction at an altitude of 2300 metres, in one of the highest cellars in the world dubbed ” The house is above the cloudsI’ve found the perfect conditions to create an exceptional rum. No armonia It is the third reference in the “Heavenly Cask” collection. Utilizing the extended aging of carefully selected casks, each limited edition highlights the specific flavors and aromas that the signature barrel brings. La Armonia takes its name from the remarkable harmony created by putting together different types of finished rumsold barrels I don’t know, which gives the liquid a silky texture. This exceptional rum has a mahogany color enhanced with golden reflections. On the nose, it reveals notes I don’t knowl berries caramelizedBeside Hazelnut scents Based on pecan pie pecan. On the palate, this rum offers a silky, velvety smoothness that combines flavors of caramelized berries, nuts, and sherry.

Lorena Vasquez Zacapa

to Lorena VasquezAnd Zacapa cellar mastershares his vision of this new bottle: Just like the nature that surrounds us, the flavors and aromas of this rum are perfectly balanced. », announce Lorena Vasquez. ” the Notes of red berries and nuts are reminiscent of the crops that grow abundantly in the Guatemalan landscape. Silky and sweet, this sensation of nuts and caramelized berries echoes the landscape of our country. To fully appreciate Zacapa La Armonia, it is recommended to taste it neat or with ice cubes to reveal all its aromatic complexities. Lorena Vasquez even suggests accompanying this exceptional rum with caramelized walnuts and a pinch of celery salt to enhance its richness. In the kitchen, Zacapa La Armonia can be savored with grilled filet mignon accompanied by sherry sauce garnished with grilled shredded coconut.

No armonia

Zacapa La Armonia’s unique bottle will delight lovers of exceptional spirits. As the third limited edition, this bottle is intended for connoisseurs and lovers of refined pleasures. The combination of delicate flavours, silky texture and careful aging process make it the preferred choice for those looking to savor an extraordinary taste experience. For rum lovers, Zacapa La Armonia is an invitation to explore new sensations and be enchanted by the subtleties of this exceptional spirit. Its rich and complex taste, combined with its heritage and craftsmanship, makes it a true treasure to savor with pleasure.

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