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CLICK-CLACK | AV: We make you discover the top of the range!

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Whether you are a fan of photos or music, treat yourself to two new features that many have been eagerly awaiting!

The Leica M6 is more than a camera, it is a legend. Legend built 175,000 times between 1984 (the date of its first commercialization) and 2022. Legend was in the hands of the greatest photographers. With the new edition of this legendary camera, Leica is responding to the desires of youngsters who want to experience a real photographic creation process. Analog photography is very popular as opposed to the torrent of digital photos. So it made sense for us to produce the Leica M6 again,” said Stephen Daniel, Leica Vice President of Technology.
The 2022 version is based on a modernized Leica M rangefinder base with 0.72x magnification and more possibilities. It is less sensitive to stray light and gives the correct exposure with a red dot (in addition to the original two arrows). The new M6 hood is now solid brass. It retains, for its iconic model, a film rewind slot.

“It is an honor to bring a high-quality audio experience to millions of people around the world. What begins as a simple vibration — a subtle movement — results in an emotional connection, whether it’s listening deeply to an album or sharing your voice with the world.” declares Audio-Technica President Kazuo Matsushita
We love its clear acrylic body that reduces resonance, and its belt drive that enhances sound and maintains a steady, accurate spin speed. We also love the Shibata diamond, which is capable of reproducing very high frequencies and the smallest details. In addition, it supplies the AT-VM95 cartridge compatible with all VM95 series replacement pens, offering a wide range of options for all budgets and all types of use.
This new turntable has a phono level output that can be connected to a dedicated phono or amplifier input.
In a limited edition of 3,000 copies, the AT-LP2022 is a collector’s item for audiophiles looking for the purest listening possible.

With its VPL-PHZ61 model, Sony has created a projector that combines the most advanced operational capabilities for a wide range of applications (business simulations, education, museums, entertainment, etc.)

It’s compact and easy to install, displays impressive brightness and Reality Creation technology (Sony’s real-time signal processing, mapping and analysis), and returns images with stunning clarity whether photos, graphics or text (a new Reality Text feature in projectors improves display textures). text).
not everything! Bright View allows colors to accurately retain contrast and vibrancy, even in brightly lit rooms.
Sony has leveraged its experience in developing feature-rich laser projectors to design these highly advanced, compact models. Some of the most advanced projectors in the world in terms of technology, quality and design

Kef Sound and Ross Lovegrove Design: The high-end design Mu7 over-ear headphones are a solid value from the Ross Lovegrove collection by KEF.
It includes the sound characteristics that have made the brand’s reputation: its subtle reproduction of nuances, pure and accurate reproduction and, here, an improved encoding technology to deliver high fidelity sound quality. Inside each of the closed ear cups is a full-range dynamic driver for sonic performance that reveals the finest sonic details. And the Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation function, which eliminates outside noise, provides even more perfection.
In terms of ergonomics, the lightweight headband ensures perfect acoustic sealing, with minimal pressure on the ear. Memory foam ear cushions conform to the shape of the head, improving passive and active noise cancellation and bass response.

price : 399 euros

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