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This bestselling mystery book is about BTS, not Taylor Swift

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Turns out this misguided Taylor Swift fan-turned-book was going to be a hit anyway; It’s about BTS.

After Flatiron Books announced that an unnamed celebrity would be releasing a “huge” memoir in July, Swifties came out in droves to pre-order the book, making it a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. now, however, New York times reports it 4C Untitled Flatiron Fiction Summer 2023 Indeed it is Behind the story: 10 years of BTS recording, An oral history of a K-pop group written by journalist Myungseok Kang.

The book drops on July 9th, an important day in BTS history. Their fan base, The Army, was founded on that date, and July 9, 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of The Army. The American version of the book, translated by Anton Hoare in collaboration with Claire Richards and Slain Jung, runs to 544 pages and contains exclusive photos of the band. Pre-orders are ongoing.


BTS is in the midst of a hiatus that has allowed many of the group’s members to pursue solo careers. SUGA just dropped the album d day and the accompanying documentary, Unveiling Jimin Face, RM offered Indigo.

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