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Ken Jennings Crosses the Picket Line to the Hazard Bar!

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Many productions have been halted due to the ongoing writer’s strike, but thanks to Ken Jennings, Danger! It won’t be one of them. Jennings has officially crossed the picket line in order to host the show, Deadline reports — even after his co-host Mayim Bialik declined to do the same.

Danger! It is set to film the final episodes of the 39th season from May 16th through May 19th. According to Deadline, Bialik decided not to host the contest program out of solidarity with striking writers, including Danger! Clerks Michelle Loud, Jim Ryan, and Billy Weiss, who joined the WGA picket ranks. The show was able to continue because its questions were scripted before the strike, and because Jennings — who helmed the programme, as part of the show’s dual host structure, from last August to December — stepped up. Bialik began her hosting stint in January.

The Writers Guild of America launched its strike on May 2 when the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance failed to reach a contract that would adequately protect writers in the rapidly changing film and television industry (see: Pay them a living wage and protect the haves). The main issue stems from the rise of broadcasting, which has eliminated hangovers entirely – allowing writers to earn achievable wages in previous years. For more information on the strike, read our explainer.


As the strike requires all WGA writers to step back, notable productions such as Weird things And all the big-name night shows were closed. In addition, several Screen Actors Guild performers backed off gigs to show solidarity. The Directors Guild of America has just begun its contract negotiations with AMPTP, and the SAG will enter into negotiations in the coming months.

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