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Five destinations on the Italian Riviera to discover this summer

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Although the Italian Riviera is one of the most visited and photographed coastal regions in the world, there are still many places to discover that are fortunately less crowded than the famous Portofino and Cinque Terre.

Riviera Islands

The Italian Riviera is known for its palm-tree-lined resorts and colorful fishing villages, but it also contains a few gorgeous islands not far from the idyllic Ligurian coast. Near the southwestern tip of the Italian Riviera are three islands in a bay La Speziawhich, along with the neighboring town Portovenerehas been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. PalmariaIt is the largest of the islands, and is a haven for nature lovers, with unique flora and fauna and trails for hiking and biking. There are many beaches, some of which can only be reached by sea, and popular beaches Locanda Lorena, a restaurant and a small inn that attracts celebrities from all over the world. The island even has its own Blue Grotto, which can only be reached by boat. Tino, a neighboring island (which is part of a military district), can be visited one day a year, on September 13, on the occasion of the Feast of San Venerio. The rest of the year boat trips around the island and the neighboring island, Tinitowill allow you to enjoy the stunning sea and coastal scenery.

on Rivera de Ponentethe western part of the Italian Riviera that extends from Genoa to the French border, is an island My tower, a protected, natural-grained outcropping located near the town’s beach of the same name. The local tourist office (Proloco Bergeggi) organizes summer kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boarding trips around the island. Not far from a private island GalinaraClose’Albinya. Snorkeling and sailing trips can be arranged in the waters off the island, where there is a shipwreck dating back to Roman times.

La Spezia

Many of the tourists who come to La Spezia, Liguria’s second city, do so by boat: either on cruise ships or, for the lucky ones, on yachts. Yacht pier in Mirabello portA haven of peace for superyachts. These cruise visitors are often on their way to the Cinque Terre or preparing for a private cruise along the Tyrrhenian coast, but if they take the time to linger in La Spezia, a graceful city of Art Deco buildings and expansive gardens, they will discover the authentic face of Italy, seeing as a port city. Busy going about their daily business. Must include sights Amedeo Lea MuseumUnder supervisionAndrea Marmorea conservatory of beautiful paintings presenting works ranging from the Middle Ages to the 18th centuryH century, including pieces by Titian, Gentile Bellini, Tintoretto, and Canaletto. The 13th-century San Giorgio Castle houses an archaeological museum and offers great views of the coast.

La Spezia, the bustling city, is investing in itself. Mayor Pierluigi Perachini Behind plans for a new waterfront with hotels, restaurants and bars. He is also responsible for the renovation of monuments and parks such as the Parco delle Mura and the Parco della Rimembranza, and for the creation of a new museum dedicated to the Cold War (projects that are part of his program ” La Spezia Forte ”), as well as the implementation of various green initiatives.

Charming beach clubs

With nearly 7,600 kilometers of coastline, the Italians made sure you hit the beach in comfort and style, and created plenty Balneari stability, or beach clubs, in all the seaside areas and along the shores of the country’s various lakes. There are two of the most prestigious and well-defined beach clubs in Liguria: one near the French border, the other at the southern end of the Riviera, near Tuscany. Both are oases Sweet lifeParadise, set in secluded coves, places where time passes with luxurious indolence, but where the day passes so quickly where one hopes, one way or another, never to have to leave. The spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossiin the city of Al Grimaldi InverurieClose to France and the ancient caves of Balzi Rossi, there’s a chic beach fringed with rows of white umbrellas and sweeping views of the Cote d’Azur coast. This summer, La Spiaggetta, which opens its doors on May 18, will offer customers a new accessory that will take them from their boat or yacht to the club. The seafood and fine pasta restaurant will feature a new menu and live music on Tuesday evenings. On Thursday evenings there will be a beachfront cinema with movies shown on a giant screen on the beach. There are also apartments in La Spiaggetta, so if you can’t slow down, you can at least extend your stay. In addition to the beautiful sea surroundings, Mother Nature has provided polished egg-shaped stones on the beach, making it easier to walk in the water.

Further along the coast, andEco del Mare Night and Day Beach Club It is located in a different location, but equally heavenly, and is run by the personable hotelier Francesca Moser. Come for the day and soak up the sun, or stay a night or a week in one of the elegant rooms designed by Francesca Mozer. Popular with celebrities, this exclusive property gives you the feeling of being on a secluded island, although it is perched along the coast where the beaches are gorgeous, but can get very crowded.

Cities and villages on the Riviera

Tuscany and Umbria are known for their hill towns, but Liguria also has charming towns worth visiting. Seborgaa medieval village located about a 20-minute drive from the coastal city Bordighera, near the French border, has been talked about since 1963 for wanting to be an independent country (a principality, in fact, but with a democratic twist). There is a king, but he is elected. A self-proclaimed small nation, Seborga has its own flag, its own currency, and its own passport. Here you will find historic buildings, a music museum, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Monaco, the sparkling principality on the Cote d’Azur.

Close to Bordighera (about a 25-minute drive) and less than an hour from Seborga, is a city Dulceaquawhich consists of two parts: the older, Terra, which has medieval origins, and the newer, Il Borgo, connected by a bridge, Ponte Vecchio, which Monet immortalized, with the castle of Doria, in his painting entitled Dolceacqua Castle.

Varese Liguriaon the Eastern Riviera, near the Emilia-Romagna border and about an hour’s drive from Sestri LevanteIt is built according to a circular plan and, like many of its Ligurian counterparts, has pastel-coloured facades. The first certified organic village in Italy for its eco-initiatives, Varese Ligure is also the home of Studio Picetti, well-known for making churzetti, these unique gem-studded pastas, so popular in Liguria.

An oasis of art by the sea

Long an aristocratic refuge and independent village, today a suburb of Genoa, nervy Home to important historical museums and villas, close to Riviera hotspots such as Portofino and Cinque Terre. there Modern Art GalleryHoused in Villa Saluzzo Serra, it contains a collection of works dating from the 19th century to the present day, and the Frugone Collections, housed in Villa Grimaldi Fassio, are dedicated to Belle Époque art. The Wolfsonian Museum (Wolfsoniana) is an exhibit of paintings, decorative objects, and historical media from the collections of the American philanthropist Mitchell Wolfsonwhich highlighted the major design movements of the late nineteenth centuryH Century and the beginning and middle of the twentieth centuryH a century. The Luxoro Museum (temporarily closed) goes back a little further, with paintings, furniture and collectibles from the 17th century.H and xviiiH Centuries in a villa belonging to the prominent Genoese family of the same name. After visiting the museums, you can sunbathe on one of Nervi’s public beaches or at a private beach club.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Kathryn Sabino

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