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Soumita Saha and Greg Sauzet Indo-France collaborate on the most prestigious film festival in Italy

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Singer and painter Sumita Saha And a French artist Greg Sauzet’s experimental work on Rabindra Sangeet Earlier, she participated in the Iverheath International Film Festival in the UK earlier this year. And now, the work of the excellent Indo-French duo has been selected for the prestigious Cefalù International Film Festival in Italy. Most of us already know that TagoreHis paintings were first shown in France. Bengali artist Sumita He rekindled Tagore’s French relationship after collaborating with the French music producer Greg Suzette For this project pioneered Rabindra Sangeet.
The clip was nominated in the Musical category of the Cefalù International Film Festival. After the devotion of Poitiers friend, resident music producer Greg Suzette intrigued him with Tagore’s music, the music duo from two different corners of the world collaborated to work on Tagore’s romantic ballad “O Je Manena Mana”. Singer Sumita Saha has a distinguished presence in the field of art. Sumita’s paintings have been exhibited at various venues in India as well as galleries in Washington, D.C., Portland and Venezuela. Sumita is an architect by profession and this architect succeeded in connecting France and India through the music of Tagore. The song’s music video also featured related artwork by Sumita.
The better half of the artist Agnev Chatterjee He has been in front of the camera for this unique project. Agniv is a software engineer by profession, but he is undoubtedly very good at working with the camera.

Speaking about the song and sharing his excitement, Sumita added, “Greg is a talented artist, his essence is a person, one of the most honest and kind human beings ever. Shastriya Sangeet Adorable. I was completely stunned after witnessing his passion for the music of Rabindranath Tagore. Having teamed up to build a bridge between France and India, it is best to say that Tagore’s French connection brought it back to life. Was this bridge not expected to connect England and Italy in the light of Tagore? I feel really good imagining everything that way. I must say it makes us all really happy. Honestly, Agnev, Greg and I didn’t expect it to be nominated at international film festivals. But now that we’ve been to festivals twice, we’re really optimistic about this project and all of our upcoming projects. The happiest thing is that we came all this way holding Tagore’s hand. I can’t express in words how amazing this is. »

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