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FFAW responds to Seafood Producers Association accusations of misleading

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The Seafood Producers Association says an “incredible amount” of misinformation has been circulated regarding the ASP and its position.

Executive Director Jeff Lauder addresses the way discussions and positions are evaluated by the FFAW.

Fishing is going through a critical time, he says, and he says that some anglers, baits and snowmobiles are forbidden by other fishermen.

He says there are too many misrepresentations at a time when so much is at stake and accuses the federation of making it all up.

There is no formal ASP offer from FFAW, he said, and no ASP offer is on the table now “and there never will be.” He says they will impose travel restrictions as a group of producers, and that there must be a fair system.

He told the VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that now public safety is on the line.

FFAW software responds

FIFA President Greg Peretti

FFAW reports that a revised proposal has been submitted to ASP’s Jeff Lauder after lengthy discussions.

In a statement posted on the FFAW website following Lauder’s comments on the VOCM Open Line, the federation said the ASP returned with a final counter-offer which was then submitted to members for consideration.

The union says the snow crab bargaining committee attempted to offer an additional counter, but was denied.

The FFAW says immediate regional intervention is necessary to resolve the situation.

questions at home

Questions about recent developments in the House of Representatives were asked this afternoon by Opposition Leader David Brazile.

“Factory workers are living at home without a source of income and businesses are suffering,” according to Brazil, who asked what the government was doing to address the problem.

“Welcome to my world,” was answered by Fisheries Minister Derek Bragg, who said the issues continue to evolve rapidly. He encouraged both sides to end the conflict. He had heard what Lauder said on the VOCM Open Line, suggesting they were waiting for FFAW to come up with something.

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