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Dolly Parton unleashes new song Burning “World on Fire”: Stream

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Dolly Parton enters it rock star Era with the upcoming release of her rock and roll album. She’s sharing her first sample from her LP today with her incendiary and relatable lead single “World on Fire.”

Barton rock star Tracklist boasts an absolutely insane list of guest stars to help it out on some epic covers. While “World on Fire” is one of the album’s few original tracks, it certainly takes cues from its collaborators here. The intro begins with some dramatic chorus vocals and a harpsichord-sounding vocal that recalls Bon Jovi, before a beat comes straight from Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.

Parton may have more than half a century in her career, but – to fit her words here – that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stay connected. “World on Fire” is a song she wrote hoping to motivate people to “make a change for the better,” and its lyrics find it at the height of the disaster: “Lie, lie, the world is burning / What are you gonna do when it’s all burning?”


And while the track is definitely rock-focused, Parton’s resonance and sarcastic wit are still on display. Case in point: “Greedy politicians, present and past / They won’t know the truth if you bite them in the ass,” she sarcastically says in one verse. No one is safe in Dolly’s world! Listen to “World on Fire” below.

30 track rock star It is out on November 17th. In addition to nine originals, it also features songs like “Let It Be” (featuring Paul and Ringo!), “Heart of Glass” (with Debbie Harry!) and “Stairway to Heaven” (with Lizzo and her flute!). Tonight, she will co-host the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards with Garth Brooks.

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