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At GESTION allocate your wealth with complete peace of mind

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Your wealth is unique, as are the efforts and risks you have taken, which is why the GESTION PRIVÉE FAMILY OFFICE proposes to develop with you a rigorous management strategy, allowing it to be protected and developed. Interview with Sophie Guillou, President and Founder of AT GESTION PRIVÉE.

Can you introduce the company in private wealth ?

We support you in optimizing legal, tax and financial strategies related to managing your private and/or professional assets. We are a discreet, responsive and efficient family office offering a personal follow-up from generation to generation. In addition, over time, we build an authentic and friendly relationship with the families we recommend while providing them with a gracious and timeless work environment…the essential ingredients to enhance, develop or even preserve a heritage with complete peace of mind.

Why consult a wealth manager?

Without mentioning specific wealth strategies such as tax optimization or legacy transfer, simple items such as extending life, reducing pension benefits, inflation or even low-return risk-free investments must be considered to manage and protect your assets for the long term. In this sense, our company offers you the opportunity to access personal experience, which is adapted to your financial needs and which best meets your heritage goals.

What is your offer in terms of asset management…

We support our clients for the long term by offering tailored management of their assets. We are convinced that a rigorous diversification strategy is necessary to protect your assets from economic or even geopolitical uncertainty. Thus, our company relies on recognized and specialized partners in order to offer financial solutions at the private and professional levels and above all to achieve systematic superior performance. We also do not hesitate to create investment solutions if we believe that market offerings are unsatisfactory and that our clients deserve a better return on their savings. Our mission is to truly provide you with added value by giving you access to the best investment solutions in the market with personalized advice and certified expertise. For me, as a financial markets enthusiast, I am committed to selecting the best investment solutions.


Relying on the expertise of a financial advisor from AT GESTION PRIVÉE, certified by Autorité des marchés financiers and recognized by the international standard ISO 22222, is the guarantee of having a demanding expert at your side.

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In private administration – 10 avenue Alsace-Lorraine – 31000 Toulouse
This is amazing. : 05 61 14 08 18 – https://www.atgestionprivee.com/

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