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Aoki: specializes in selling hotels

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to Oki, put the good The customer in the right room at the right price comes down to precision targeting and calculation: retail software that enables hotels to increase revenue by automatically selling upgrades, experiences, and more along the customer journey.

Named “Best Selling Software” by Hotel Tech Report in 2023, and for the sixth year in a row, Oaky is improving the guest experience through hyper-personalization of offerings: “ Upselling – Boosts customer satisfaction by suggesting cutting-edge upselling offers on our intuitive platform ”, explains Erik Tengen, co-founder of OK. Together with his partners Lars Junker and Taco Badenburg, the Swede strives to inspire the hospitality industry. The challenge is to give customers the option to design their own experience and improve their experience, from booking to accommodation.. Backed by expertise in customer segmentation and targeting, Oaky’s tool offers the right deals for every booking. ” We’ve developed a tool that takes into account both data and behavioral science in order to proactively meet customer needs at the right time and at the right price. »On the client’s side, the process is simple: after booking but before arrival, at the pre-stay stage, the hotel offers a series of improvements and additional services, as well as at the time of arrival at the hotel, where the receptionist sale More easily thanks to Oaky’s recommendations, or via QR codes accessible from the room.

Guaranteed revenue increase for partner hotels

By offering integrated hotel management software and complete automation, Oaky guarantees easy use of its tool, with a high return on investment. ” Today, hotels have to think outside the box when it comes to generating revenue, and their retail operation allows 100% complete digital fulfillment for the customer before they arrive. For sales at the hotel front desk, which generate 3-9 times more revenue, it is important for us to train the reception teams and make the process attractive, for example by using gamification or commissions for each type of service sold. Synonymous with convenience and memorable guest experiences, increased sales boost not only room revenue and total revenue, but also loyalty. ” If the sale goes well, it is an added value for the customer who will return and therefore certainly for the hotel Eric Tengen concludes.

With offices in Amsterdam and Singapore, Oaky serves 3,000 clients in 120 countries, working with several leading hotel chains. With its automated platform, the company intends to help its partner hotels deliver more relevant and creative experiences to customers looking for personalization.

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