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Providence Hotel, an address with soul in the east of Paris

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focus today Since 1854, the title has held thousands of lives. Today, under the label of a much-talked-about boutique hotel in eastern Paris. At the juncture of Grand Boulevard and Canal Saint-Martin, locals willingly venture out to quench their thirst at the trendy bar and for the pleasure of socializing. As for trans people, they appreciate the old-fashioned charm of a home with soul.

Hotel Providence Paris © Benoît Linero

Providence is full of colour, objects and trinkets intertwined with good nature, laughter and passers-by. The fault is due to the very friendly bar that evokes a boozer village atmosphere where it is good to meet. The bar, that central character that overflows into the reception area. The nearby elevator is a detail that reminds us that this is also a place to sleep. There are 18 rooms divided into five categories and ten different universes depending on the keys.

Inside, we’re wrapped in designer velvet, in winter garden-style palm tree drapery. The furniture, consisting of rattan chairs and light fixtures, is tastefully chosen. Each room is equipped with its own cocktail bar, to inspire you!

Upon request, the head waiter can come and make tailor-made nectars for you.

Hotel Providence Paris © Benoît Linero

For the summer season, the new title date is “Les Déjeuners du Dimanche”, a deliciously informal moment where you can revisit your culinary classics. Nostalgia guaranteed!

For more :

Providence Paris Hotel

90 avenue René Boulanger
75010 Paris

+33 (0)1 46 34 34 04
[email protected]

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