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Shraddha Kapoor looks like Hermione with her British accent. a witness

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Actor Shraddha Kapoor’s accents in a new video have left the internet stunned. She went from showing her French accent to her British accent and even her American accent. It also reminded people of Emma Watson’s famous character, Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series. Read also: Neetu Kapoor shares his favorite scene about Ranbir Kapoor’s son to Guthi Mein Makar

Shraddha Kapoor was last seen in Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar.

The video shows Shraddha sitting on a sofa. She was wearing a crop top, jeans and a trendy jacket. Someone behind the camera tells him, “The internet thinks accents are amazing. Is that true?” The actor replies with a French accent: “Of course he is. ”

She continues in the same tone: “It is true that when I am in front of the mirror, I do accents but I will applaud because there will be no audience. Sometimes it is French, sometimes it is suddenly British.” Change to a British accent.

She adds in the same language: “And then it’ll be fine, I hope it won’t turn red now. Then she changed her tone to her American accent and said, ‘You’re asking for an American now.’ That’s what you really want. You really could say that. She finally said with a face.” Jad: “Please tell me to stay calm, guys.” »

Sharing the video, Netflix India wrote on Instagram, “Let @shraddhakapoor make his way through this quiz with easy French, British and American accents! In response to the hilarious video, a fan wrote in the comments section, “I refuse to believe that she is Shakti Kapoor’s daughter. »

Another fan added: “The British accent literally sounds like Hermione Granger. Another commented: “She has proven herself, and now she has been chosen for an international series.” »

Shraddha is last seen in Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar by Luv Ranjan. He played alongside Ranbir Kapoor for the first time. The film’s story revolves around a couple who fall in love while on vacation in Spain during their friends’ bachelor party. While everything was fine in their life until the childhood trauma of Shraddha aka Tinni struck her and she wanted to take a step back from their relationship because of Ranbir’s family aka Rohan.

The movie hits theaters on March 8 and recently premiered on Netflix.

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