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In Succession’s “Tailgate Party”, Shiv and Tom’s song gets operatic

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 7, “Tailgate Party.”]

SuccessionHis continued creep toward the end has been marked by all sorts of escalations in “Tailgate Party,” with yet-to-be-determined ramifications for the acquisition of the still-living Waystar Royco, now that Kendall and Mattson’s hatred is more overt, while other secrets — such as Roman’s date in sending Jerry Dick’s Choices – It seems closer to the surface.

Beyond Roman claiming a “big power” hole at his father’s funeral (an epic event still waiting in the wings) and Connor contemplating, then passing up, a chance at ambassadorship to continue his camping, the standout story is Chiff and Tom, Tom and Chiff, forever locked in a two-step dance Forward and Three Steps Back may finally be over, with some hard facts.


Facts might actually be the wrong word to use – instead, the balcony fight between Shiv and Tom marked the difference between truth and honesty. Is Schiff “maybe he’s not a good person for having kids”? That remained to be seen; The point is Tom Believes In the same way that Schiff doesn’t hesitate to say, “You were only with me for the power.” It has been at the core of their relationship for years, an inequality between them that the happiest, most well-adjusted couple would never inhabit–but Succession It was never a show about happy or well-disciplined people.

The main feature of this particular outburst is that Shiv was already feeling uninhibited due to a number of factors (did you hear her father just died?), but things hit a new level in “Tailgate Party” thanks to the knowledge that her attempt to ally with Mattson might blow up in her face. due to his shady business practices. “I’m bullying my family for this,” she tells Tom, and knowing how lonely she will be in the not too distant future makes her even more sensitive to his endearing gift of a scorpion paperweight.

There’s a funny fact about how you don’t really understand your family until you see it from your partner’s perspective; The dysfunctions of the family unit you grew up with always feel normal until you are exposed to a new perspective. However, Shiv and Tom’s problem is that whatever outside view Tom could give her of love, it just wasn’t possible, as he was so desperate to join Roy’s lead; He had bitten into the poisonous apple himself.



Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen’s climactic balcony scene rips through the raw power that comes from years of simmering passion; It’s a master class in emotional devastation, as expressed by two characters who don’t trust the basic existence of emotions. However, perhaps what’s most amazing about “Tailgate Party” is that it’s just as raw and brutal as Schiff and Tom’s final argument… it’s hard to believe that it’s actually their last fling. especially Given the fact that Shiv is still pregnant (as far as we know), and Tom still doesn’t know, the odds remain very good that it’s his child (again, As far as we know).

Even after this big reveal awaits, this is a couple where “bitey” is an established part of their endearing language; It looks like this isn’t the first time we’ve said “Oh, this sure is for Chef and Tom, sure,” and it also looks like this might not be the last. However, at a certain point, it bites hard enough and actually draws blood. And sooner or later, you will bleed out completely.

If we have been trained before Succession To expect anything at this point, it’s unexpected. So while this may seem like the end of television’s most tumultuous marriage (at least among the contenders for this year’s Emmys), there are still three episodes of the show left – and a lot of chaos that may follow as a result.


At least there’s good news for at least one person in the backyard party: Willa doesn’t have to move to Oman. Well played, Willa.

new episodes of Succession Premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max.

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