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Drive Vintage, a collection vehicle concierge service

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For the complex’s concierge specialist, prestige, exclusivity and exclusivity resonate with the values ​​of respect and humility dear to its founder and its clients.

Quick start!

From its beginnings as a car concierge service, Drive Vintage has won the hearts of dozens of exceptional car collectors. Today, the name of the company resonates in the ears of business leaders and celebrities around the world, as a reference to which interest in prestigious cars, regardless of their age, origin and function.

From around thirty vehicles in 2016, the Swiss company has doubled the number of vehicles it operates today by ten. In Bunkers Hotels, underground buildings specially equipped to receive vehicles and keep them under cover, Ford GT40s, Lancia Stratos, Ferrari 250 Tour de France and Ferrari F40s are carefully lined up next to each other, under a watchful eye. A dedicated concierge for each client. Access control, security, temperature, ventilation… In Italy, France, and Switzerland, a building specially built to house nearly three hundred vintage cars for its customers offers ideal conditions for the preservation of vehicles. Out of sight, they also respond to the desire for discretion which is one of the main priorities of Drive Vintage in its approach and in its service offering.

A team dedicated to classic vehicle owners

Together with Jérémy and Sébastien, the small team at Drive Vintage makes it a point of honor to establish a relationship of trust with each customer. This is the same peculiarity that has also allowed the company to gain notoriety among many personalities and see its business develop at a high speed.

If buildings specifically designed to maintain vehicle safety are a unique proposition, the concierge service allows each customer access to their vehicle at the right time, according to their needs and desires. In addition, Drive Vintage is committed to improving the range of cars entrusted to it. As such, the company provides a small mechanical service at each of the Bankers’ hotels, which are equipped with specialist workshops. When special repairs are required, Vintage Drive turns to one of their many specialist partners in Europe, some fifty in all, to lend a hand. Every excursion, every action, every intervention is meticulously listed, then recorded in a secure database. Transactions, repairs, transportation and janitorial: Drive Vintage centralizes the administrative part and takes care of every aspect of the vehicles entrusted to it.

Global service offer

Drive Vintage comes from Jeremy Roulette’s experience and career as a private concierge. When he specialized in classic car services in 2016, the clients who called him mainly used babysitting services. Since then, in response to demand from vehicle owners, Drive Vintage has grown its offering, as well as vehicle security, acquisition, maintenance, transportation and event management services.

In an environment where fine vehicles are rare, Drive Vintage has been commissioned by its customers to find special and one-of-a-kind pieces. From purchase to negotiation and approval of the vehicle, the team of specialists handles the acquisition of vintage and modern vehicles, as well as their resale.

Transportation of vehicles, whatever their origin and destination, is managed by Drive Vintage, which also includes an international breakdown service. And when it comes to transporting cars to rally races, the Concours d’Elegance and other circuit races, the team is on the battle line to provide all the services that will allow their customers to participate in the event of their choice. Discreetly, yet well present, the Drive Vintage team intervenes in the historic Grand Prix of Monaco, the Villa d’Este elegance contest or the Mille Miglia Rally, catering to demanding clients who share a passion for cars with them.

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