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must be followed | Biomemory wants to convert data centers into DNA storage

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It is estimated that by 2040 data storage centers will occupy an area the size of Iceland. To reduce its impact on the environment, Biomemory would like to popularize molecular storage over synthetic DNA. A solution that will allow data centers to significantly reduce their consumption of space, energy and natural resources (water and rare earths).

Founded in 2021 by Irfan Arwani, Stéphane Lemaire, and Pierre Crozet, it is supported by several biologists and computer scientists who are intent on advancing digital infrastructures. They concretely create strands of DNA that make it possible to contain digital information. For example, the National Archives has used this technology by storing on DNA the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Citizen.

“In 2023, Biomemory aims to perfect the latest generation of its fully digital bio-based DNA printer, and coordinate a large international fundraising from European, American and Asian investors. These funds will support the development of a cutting-edge molecular storage server, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into 10 Millions of data centers are in operation around the world. »

Last November, Biomemory wrapped up a €5 million fundraising round with eureKARE, French Tech Seed (a fund managed by Bpifrance), Paris Business Angels, and Prunay Impact. Nugget already has 15 employees in France – including 11 dedicated to research and development – and wants to hire 100 by 2026.

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