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Robert Smith criticizes the “distracted extravagance” of the monarchy on the day of King Charles’ coronation

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Robert Smith is still a man of the people. On the day of King Charles’ coronation, the head of The Cure shares a political cartoon criticizing the royal family and the “distracted extravagance” of the monarchy.

“They all pay homage to the arbitrary nature of the legacy franchise,” says the artist’s cartoon First Dog on the Moon. “The immense cost of this ceremony could buy every British child a little horse/Yet the dispersed extravagance should pacify all the populace, lest we unleash the wrath of the poor/Let them eat the coronation quiche!”

As Ultimate Classic Rock points out, Smith has spoken out against the monarchy before. In 2012, he dismissed the idea of ​​accepting a knighthood from members of the royal family, saying, “I would honestly cut off my hand before I go in there, how dare they assume they could do me the honour? I’m so much better than them. They never do anything! They’re fucking idiots.” .


King Charles’ coronation followed the death of the long-reigning Queen Elizabeth in September. Despite the undoubted importance of the emergence of a new ruler, his predecessors were not a particularly popular event in popular culture. After British artists such as Adele refused to perform at the ceremony, the King had to recruit American artists Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to take part in the festivities. Meanwhile, Nick Cave has accepted an invitation to the event, admitting that he bears an “inexplicable emotional attachment to the royal family” and the “weirdness” of the monarchy.

Smith’s remarks come after a highly publicized battle with Ticketmaster in which the artist attempted to offer affordable tickets to fans through certified fan sales and without tiered ticket packages; He even demanded that the company partially refund buyers for the exorbitant ticket fees it charged and canceled 7,000 tickets he believed were being downsized. The tour is linked to The Cure’s upcoming album songs from a lost world, One of the most anticipated releases of 2023.

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