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Recruitment: Companies must embrace a culture of immediacy!

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Several years ago I declared a labor crisis here. In restaurants, hotels, logistics, manufacturing, and many other sectors, recruiters struggle to cope with shortages. And for good reason, their recruitment processes are often very lengthy and not entirely aligned with the expectations of candidates. To keep up with the increasingly competitive race of recruitment, companies no longer have a choice and must embrace an instant culture.

A new balance of power

Today’s recruits are in a critical situation. They are accustomed to the context of mass unemployment that allowed them to impose their terms, and they see the balance of power tipping in favor of the candidates. In many sectors under stress and especially in field jobs, manpower shortage has become a major strategic risk. Already in 2018, a global study conducted by Korn Ferry Declare that a shortage of labor can lead to a loss More than $8.5 trillion before 2030 If it is not effectively prevented by companies. Obviously it wasn’t.

Low unemployment rates, particularly in field jobs, where needs are exploding as more and more of the educated population turns away from this type of job, has contributed to this imbalance. And even artificial intelligence, which makes some sectors shudder, seems to spare this population. A recent study by University of Pennsylvania on effect chat He has thus shown that the professions most subject to substitution by AI are not the least qualified but on the contrary those that involve the processing of complex information: accountant, developer or even editor. In a time of democratization of algorithms, jobs in this field are more than ever jobs of the future!

Mass recruitment in the style of the 90’s is no longer possible!

In this new context, how can we be surprised that so many companies are struggling to attract candidates while keeping hiring processes unchanged for decades? While digital transformation is helping to make all interactions faster and more fluid, exchanges between candidates and recruiters often appear as relics of a bygone era. While a trip to the other side of the world, a property rental or even a romantic date can now be arranged in a few minutes, it is becoming increasingly unrealistic to ask candidates to wait several days or even several weeks before an interview or asking to write lengthy cover letters for an operational job they already have experience with. successful in it.

Embracing a culture of immediacy becomes a practical necessity

If they want to achieve their hiring goals, the only option for companies is to adopt a culture of immediacy that governs many other areas of our lives. survey conducted seza I have 740 people Applying for non-executive positions showed that 82% of candidates placed speed of the recruitment process in their top 3 criteria for accepting a job offer. No. up 88% for the age group 25-30 years. This speed requirement is not a simple question from generation to generation: all age groups combined, these are 60% of the candidates Who lose interest in a job offer if they don’t hear back after a week.

Transform operations to achieve hiring in 24 hours

To resolve this discrepancy between the timing of hiring and the new expectations of its target, firms must have a target: Be able to recruit within 24 hours. With this horizon, the question will be for them to conduct an in-depth review of their recruitment processes by providing themselves with tools that allow them to respond in real time to requests, organize an interview quickly, and establish effective decision-making procedures.

Such a shift is of course driven by the need to face competition from certain large groups with immediate hiring experience and therefore more efficient in the race for talent. But it actually has a broader benefit. A company that recruits effectively is also better able to retain its existing staff and meet the demands of its clients. Thus, adopting a culture of urgency is not a simple HR issue but a major performance issue.

Tribune Posted by Camille Cosnefroy, CEO, Seiza.

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