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Suga from BTS performs “Haegeum” on Fallon: Watch

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BTS’ SUGA stopped at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday to promote his newly released solo album, day by daywith a spirited rendition of “Haegeum”.

He also joined Jimmy Fallon in the Imposter Challenge, where they were each given two identical things, one that tasted good and one that didn’t. They would eat whatever was offered to them while trying to convince the audience that they liked the taste.

Several BTS members have embarked on solo careers since the group went on hiatus, but SUGA is the first to come out on their own tour. The rapper/producer has upcoming concerts in the US and Asia; Revisit his recent concert recap in New York, and then get tickets to his next concert here.


day by day It marks the final installment in SUGA’s Agust D trilogy, following the previous two tracks Agust d (2016) and D-2 (2020). He documented the making of his latest Disney+ movie project, The road to D-DAY.

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