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The Emerald Zanzibar Resort and Spa, a contemporary setting by the sea

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A little history

Beach – © Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa

Zanzibar is a name that makes you dream and evokes distant lands, images of palaces, incense, and Arab or Omani architecture.
For centuries, this region was a center for the trade in gold, ivory, and spices, attracting merchants from all over the world. But beyond material wealth, Zanzibar also witnessed some of the most defining events in East African history.
Over the centuries, Zanzibar has been occupied and influenced by different cultures including Persians, Arabs, Indians and Europeans. These influences have shaped the architecture, cuisine, music, and culture of the archipelago, creating a unique blend of local and foreign traditions found throughout the island.
But perhaps the slave trade was one of the darkest moments in Zanzibar’s history. In the nineteenth century, the archipelago was one of the most important centers of the slave trade in East Africa. Thousands of slaves were captured, brought to the shores of Zanzibar and sold in the markets of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Fortunately, it was abolished at the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to pressure from European abolitionists and the intervention of the British Empire. Since then, Zanzibar has experienced a cultural and economic renaissance, and has become an attractive tourist hub.

Contemporary rooms with a touch of Omani or African influence.

Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa – © Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa

In the northeastern part, the Emerald Hotel has come to hold its place, and has been called the Leading Hotel of the World.
A complex of 300 rooms strewn on either side of a huge pool that splashes all blue before our eyes, sassy and relaxed, framed by immaculate boards.
Upon reaching the bedroom, there is a central bed surrounded by a mosquito net that is folded during the day, and the throne accompanied by some animal paintings that evoke the Big Five! These images are wisely reflected in a mirror mounted on the opposite wall and one can dream of safari at leisure.
A few things scattered around the room give an African and Omani touch.
A balcony terrace completes this space occupied by two sun loungers facing the garden.
We may regret not having a view of the ocean, which is not far and which we can only guess by its azure colour.

Gastronomy, you want some here!

Restaurant – © Emerald Zanzibar Resortl & Spa

Set high, in the shade of umbrellas, the gaze is lost in the immensity of the Indian Ocean.
Accompanied by the sound of music all day, guests lounge on their loungers, blushing in the strong sun.
Going down a few steps, the gastronomy section extends over several hundred meters to satisfy everyone’s desires.
Wanting to grab a bite to eat, in this case head to the Beach Bar Grill which serves pizza, pasta, seafood or grills of all kinds. Otherwise, the Eclipse bar would also be perfect and more in the center of the wrapper.
Instead of focusing on the more exotic or international foods, Aqua is made for you with a buffet full of stations and products of all kinds: salads to prepare yourself, local cuisine with curries, chicken masala, mutton, beef, chicken, eggs in all their forms, or even Fish, octopus in sauce, coconut rice or Italian, Japanese, Chinese and vegetarian dishes, and many more dishes to satisfy the palate in search of satiety!
In short, here you will understand food and drink in abundance throughout the day..
And if you have a little sweet tooth, the ice cream shop allows you to satisfy it!

massage or nothing

Spa – © Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa

After you soak your body and mind in the sun, the clean beach with countless sun-yellow sunbeds, gets stuck in the waves, because the sea here is slightly choppy, receives the wind from the east, or simply laze on one. From the pools, it’s time to go on a trip to the spa, to put your body in the hands of an experienced oriental therapist.
Here among Thai massage, Bali, Deep massage Or among other reflexology massages, we let ourselves go into the haze of dreams.
After regaining consciousness and soothing the imprint of the sun on the skin, it’s time to go and savor the night’s delights.
First of all, have a drink at the Garden Pool Bar, surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sea, and then the hard choice will emerge: Carnivorous, a restaurant where meat is king. This Brazilian-style steakhouse offers excellent cuts of meat prepared according to the South American tradition of Churrascaria or Asian with live cooking as the restaurant’s expertly trained chefs grill authentic Asian cuisine at the table.
Otherwise Aqua with ample buffets.
The evening will end at the Beach Living Club dancing to Pharell William!
Tomorrow will be a new day!

My opinion
Hotel complex, brand new, a bit sterile, with very little greenery because planting trees takes time and can be likened to a club as there is full board here, unlimited drinks even alcoholic beverages, all day activities.
A delight for families as even the ice cream is unlimited!
To recommend to those who like club spirit, do not want a nasty surprise with the bill at the end of the stay and who can leave drinks or food, so that they can let their children play in peace, wiggling their hips on their lounger in the pool or in the evening in the beach bar and live On the sound of music!
In addition, modern, comfortable and designed rooms with a terrace, two beautiful pools, an outdoor nightclub, many restaurants and a very beautiful spa!
For those who love tranquility, greenery and a promenade, on the other hand, avoid the peaceful and original aspect, the colonial charm of a more cheerful and smaller establishment, with exclusive service.

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