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Minasolve: the green revolution in cosmetics

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Pioneering green chemistry in the cosmetics sector, the company specializes in the extraction of natural products. With its innovative processes, it provides manufacturers with around thirty vital ingredients to create more natural formulations.

Founded in 2007 by the Minafin Group, the company is an example in the sector. Preservative, active, foaming, whitening agents replace petrochemical ingredients with ingredients derived from plant biomass.

The company does not limit its environmental commitment to its core business, and its employees are also proud to share its philosophy: green solution stand. “Minasolve is the company for change. We are meeting the growing expectations of the cosmetics sector, which demands more and more from nature. But our impact is broader. We are helping to bring about a change in mindset”says Emmanuel Poulnes, Director of Minasolve.

Fadel’s approach has recently taken on a whole new dimension since Minasolve chose to co-chair the UNESCO Chair in Plant Chemistry and Extraction. “The aim is to provide universities in Africa with the equipment to make plant extraction possible.”The leader explains. “Traditional medicine gives them real knowledge of the botanical possibilities that have been at their disposal for so long.

On our side, we have patents for extraction technologies that will allow them to be produced.”Continue.

Unique technology

“We have a worldwide patent for EcoXtract, our extraction technology with eco-solvents,” explains Emmanuel Peulens. “To extract the plant components, the industry uses a petrochemical solvent, which is hexane. Although it has been removed, traces of this solvent, which is neurotoxic, are found in the plant extracts. We offer the alternative. As a leader in its sector, the company thus offers a unique alternative that allows 100% natural extraction %.

While it is already revolutionizing the cosmetics market, this process has huge potential in other sectors. More and more people give up eating meat. It’s good for the planet, but by consuming these products that contain plant extracts, you shouldn’t put their health at risk due to hexane concentrations that are toxic to the body.”warns the commander.

Minasolve is firmly turning towards the future and hopes to apply its technology to the food sector and the production of vegetable proteins. To conquer this giant market, it is looking for investors who are able to support the project within the industrial sector.

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