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ICARE innovates with Orion, its automated and intelligent software for property managers

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Specializing in the short-term rental sector, ICARE has developed business software dedicated to simplifying the day-to-day management of property managers. With Orion, professionals gain efficiency, responsiveness, and reliability to evolve quietly.

“We are in a booming market. Property managers have more and more clients and properties to manage. To keep up with this growth, they need to equip themselves technically”presents Guillaume Marcilhac, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Orion allows for scalability, the ability to grow their business without being restricted by logistics.adds Jean-Baptiste Doig, Co-Founder and CEO. The program provides property managers with the opportunity to organize themselves to work in the best conditions.

“When you rent an apartment or a house, you expect the same services as in a hotel. The idea of ​​services has become basic.”, says Jean-Baptiste Duig. To help professionals increase their productivity, Orion automates the management and organization of these concierge services: cleaning, laundry, house linens, key collection, tailored services, etc.

Artificial intelligence allows users to customize Orion, which then adapts to business habits, market needs, country, tax system, and so on.

The technology is connected to the entire property management system

“The market is the structuring. The tools are there but the different systems have no difficulty in communicating with each other. This is an advantage for ICARE. Being among the newest players in the market, we have incorporated the latest technologies. We communicate with all existing systems”, says Jean-Baptiste Duig. Thanks to its own Nexus API, the platform easily interacts with all partners in the ecosystem.

To distribute Orion and contrary to industry practices, ICARE offers business and service partnership to its customers. “This allows us to work in a closer and more structured way with our partners. We are jointly implementing a dynamic that brings business visibility and scalability.”witnesses the Marsillac clouds.

While major hotel groups are investing heavily in the short-term rental sector, the market has a bright future ahead. With Orion, ICARE fuels international ambitions. Already present in the European market, the company does not intend to stop there because it plans to conquer the United States by 2026, and then move to Asia.

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