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Jude Law scared the child actors by remaining as Captain Hook

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Jude Law revealed that he remained as Captain Hook for the duration of the filming of the upcoming film, Peter Pan Wendy, acting “really scary and mean” even towards the child actors on set. But he made it up to them in the end by finally breaking character and driving the ice cream truck into a place for everyone to enjoy.

“It looks kind of awful,” Lu laughed, sitting in the guest seat. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night. He explained: “David Lowry, our fantastic manager, had the idea to try [to have the children] You don’t see me when I wasn’t a hook, so I stayed the whole time in a hook… I didn’t want to talk to a 6 year old [as] Jude, and all of a sudden say to me, “Well, you hate me, I’m a hook.” So, instead, I stuck with the name Hawk.”

While it might have been a slightly silly approach, Lu posits that Lowry’s idea helped get him to get a stronger performance. “A lot of the reactions you see in the movie are their reactions to me for the first time, or as a man himself,” he told Fallon.


Although, of course, Lu didn’t let his terrifying existence last long. He said, “They put the word Judas at the end.” “I did what every adult should do to bribe children: I hired an ice cream van and drove it around the site and gave out ice cream. There’s nothing like chocolate ice cream to convince a kid you’re okay.”

While it’s hard to identify Law as Captain Hook, the 50-year-old actor has been doing more personal business lately. Portrayed by Albus Dumbledore Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets Yon Rogg V Captain Marvel. He is also set to star in the upcoming Disney+ series, Star Wars: The Skeleton Crew.

Peter Pan Wendy Debuts on Disney+ tomorrow, April 28th. Watch Law’s interview on The Tonight Show less.


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