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Donald Trump grunts and groans as the crowd erupts in an odd campaign moment

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Donald Trump had one of the strangest moments of his campaign so far when he went on an anti-rant rant that included a series of grunts while impersonating a female weightlifter.

I’ll tell you one more thing that people don’t believe: I’m going to exclude men from women’s sports, okay? The former president speaks to a cheering audience in Manchester, New Hampshire, Thursday.

Then, when he was about to do an impersonation of a woman struggling to lift weights in a competition, he polled the audience.

“Do I need to do this?” ” Requested.

The audience applauded.

“I will,” he replied, and then launched into his impression:

“And then a man came who happened to be a woman now, according to the laws of our country,” he said, sarcastically mimicking a transgender athlete easily lifting the same set of weights.

Trump used similar motions and grunts to mimic past athletes’ rants against transgender people in sports, but it seemed like he was calling a few cracks during Thursday’s event.

There were other strange moments: Trump told the audience that he ” Important announcement,Which turned out to be an announcement of his retirement from the nickname “Crooked Hillary”, which was awarded to his presidential rival in 2016. Hillary Clinton was awarded to President Joe Biden.

He also revealed an odd pronunciation of Lenin’s name – like that of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin – which he said was the Russian way of saying the name.

it’s not:

This quote is not generally attributed to Lenin, no matter how it is pronounced.

It is often attributed to the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, though there is no contemporary evidence for He said It—and the first known example of a similar quote actually comes from a 19th-century American political comic book. According to Snopes.

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