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Behind the scenes of luxury: we take you to Corfu, Japan and in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso … and many more surprises!

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Who among us has never heard “Do you have WiFi?”. Word is part of our daily life and we can no longer do without it! Those two passages alone sum up our attitude: Connect wherever you are and without borders. And beware of those who don’t do well! However, we have all had this kind of situation, where we stamp our feet in front of our router or box!

Be connected at any time, at home, on vacation home, on your smartphone, tablet or computer, without tearing your hair out when watching your favorite series, keep your credit card to make a purchase or to send an urgent email! dream ? Well, I can say no, not anymore. It’s a promise netgear ; you do not know ? It is an American company, which has been working for more than 25 years in the field of WiFi, the heart of its business!
Recognized for its expertise in connected homes, it continues to expand its reach European range (WiFi systems) including series European 960.

Its peculiarity: simple and very powerful WiFi, whatever your infrastructure, that adapts to your lifestyle! Yes, yes, that’s right. Goodbye white zones and dreams of Internet gamers, YouTubers and streamers, insomniacs addicted to Netflix and its series … and all the others!

Imagine, whatever room you are in, between 4 concrete walls, in a (or almost) basement bunker, in a WiFi saturated environment, or in a white zone, you will stay connected and your chain will be available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with maximum productivity everywhere ! I can already hear you say: yes, but definitely too complicated to install! both! Thanks to your Orbi app, with just a few clicks you will stay connected everywhere, regardless of the area (up to 1800 square metres).
Who says better?
Try it, you’ll tell me about it!

Vallauris celebrates Picasso on May 6/7, 2023

Pablo Picasso, The Musketeer, undated [1950-1951] – © Picasso property

in 1946 The Spanish genius falls in love with the ceramists, the craftsmen and the inhabitants of this corner of paradise, in which he lived until his death. Vallauris Golf-Joanne Tribute to the cultural heritage he bequeathed to her during a festive weekend: music, flamenco ballet from Andalusia, beach inauguration Pablo PicassoThe exhibition “Forms and Transformations: Picasso’s Ceramics” as Inspiration for Travels, in Magnelli MuseumMuseum of Ceramics to discover until the end of October.

Obviously, the “Celebration of Picasso 1973-202” also takes place in Spain, with an exceptional program in Barcelona. The exhibition “The will of Picasso. The ceramics that inspired the artist ”, organized by Isabel Sindoya, is programmed at Design Museum from June 21 to September 17, 2023. In particular, he will highlight 16 ceramics by the master who donated them to the museum.

Discover Nagoya Castle in Japan

Nagoya Castle – © Comunicación Iberoamericana

Take the train (1 hour 50 minutes from Tokyo) and get off at the station Nagoya Castle Finding this wonderful historic site, a symbol of Aichi Prefecture, is much easier. built from 1610It was the perfect example of modern castle building, with the magnificent Honmaru Palace, demonstrating the strength of the dynasty Owari Tokugawavast Ninomaru ParkAnd its high stone walls and deep trenches. Partially destroyed in an airstrike in May 2045, it was rebuilt and opened to the public in 2018.

Code Nagoya Castle It is the golden shachiyoku that adorns the castle tower. the Shashi Being imaginary creatures, with the head of a dragon or tiger, the body of a fish, and a tail that curls toward the sky. You will be able to admire two pairs of golden shachiyoku, male and female with shiny scales. 88 kilograms of gold were used to rebuild the Castle Guards.

“Hokusai Bird Garden” exhibition at the Sumida Hokusai Museum in Tokyo

Hokusai Bird Park – © Sumida Hokusai Museum

the From April 14th to May 21stdiscovered the charming ornithologist, revered by the Japanese, which the eyes see, and copied by the talent of the artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). He is the author of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series, which includes Japan’s most acclaimed works, known internationally as “The Great Wave”.

This is the first time that an exhibition presents several works by the artist and his followers, showcasing all kinds of birds, with relatively unknown birds (small cuckoo, Java sparrow, red-billed, great hooded-billed …). Bird designs were applied to kimono patterns or handicrafts (comb, vase, pipe…). Some of them will be presented to the public, as well as Hokusai’s sketches. A particularly popular motif used on kimonos at the time was a sparrow.

Louis Vuitton Tambour: A tribute to these 20 years

Louis Vuitton Tambour Book – © Louis Vuitton

in 2002 Louis Vuitton house She launched into the luxury watch industry with the watch druma masterpiece of design simplicity and technical innovation. Fabienne RiboudIn this first book dedicated to Louis Vuitton watchmaking, this daring and unique journey is peppered with exceptional timepieces.

An inventory of the main models (the La Tambour is available in several versions, sporty, travelers, divers, dials, customizable and very high complications… for men and women), plus exclusive analyzes by great watchmaking experts, make this book the true bible for aficionados And collectors! with more than 350 photos With a sophisticated design, it was conceived as an object of luxury and desire, intended both for watch lovers with a distinct personality and for those who are true to the Louis Vuitton spirit.

Louis Vuitton Tambor, 265 pages. Available in French and English. Thames & Hudson Editions, 125 euros at Louis Vuitton stores.

Ultima Corfu Wellness Retreat

Ultima Corfu, Doorway to Heaven – © Ultima Collection

A program that makes you dream… Enter through Heaven’s Gate From the private villa to the infinity pool reflecting the ripples of the Ionian Sea. Start your stay with a consultation with a dietitian, so that he fully understands your needs and requirements, and listens to your body.

Focus on your breathing. Every morning, a yoga teacher will accompany you during your sunrise session. Train against the platforms of your expert personal trainer, and take a Pilates class on the water. Refresh with a swim in the ocean from the private pier before relaxing with an Ultima Signature massage in the garden. Let the scent of jasmine, rosemary and essential oils awaken all of your senses. End the day with a sunset meditation before falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. Whatever your body desires, Ultima Corfu Ready to make you walk away with a sense of renewal. From inside and outside.

Rates from €118,000 per week for Ultima Corfu, a private villa that includes a private chef, on-site butler, spa therapist, and more.

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