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Metrio, a Nasdaq company: Measuring and optimizing the impacts of corporate social responsibility

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While corporate social responsibility issues have become a major concern for companies, so are many of them still struggle to measure their impact in this area and thus identify areas for improvement. Nasdaq offers a software solution to this problem, allowing companies to be more transparent and better understand their impact on the environment, governance, and society. To learn more, interview Erwan Jameron, Vice President of Nasdaq CSR Solutions.

What is the benefit of measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility?

All companies have become aware of the importance of societal and environmental issues, and the needs for improvement in this area, in order to meet the expectations of the general public as well as partners or employees. However, not all of them fully measure the impact of their actions. METRIO, a NASDAQ company: Measuring and Improving the Impacts of CSR
Thus they do not know how to improve their operations. That’s why we designed our solution to enable companies to take inventory and identify areas for improvement.

How does the Metrio solution work?

To be usable by everyone, the solution is simple, designed in SaaS and quickly deployable, because we are sure that to use it, the suite must be intuitive; And Metrio also integrates with all computer systems. Our reporting solution first collects data and then provides tools for analyzing it that inform business needs. The criteria to be included in the report are determined by and for each company. Metrio then generates reports that include the benchmarks of the major rating agencies, as well as the various reference and regulatory frameworks, which can be communicated. The collaborative aspect is important, CSR means transparency. This solution has security certificates and adapts to data protection legislation, such as the RGPD in Europe. Results in terms of corporate social responsibility are important to the corporate image, with the aim of the business owner’s brand as well as towards partners and investors. Reports can be
Supplemented by other Nasdaq proposals on CSR issues, such as the assistance of Nasdaq’s advisory arm (ESG Advisory).

Metrio is already a Nasdaq Group entity…

Certainly, and being part of this group that is fully integrated into the economic ecosystem, we know that CSR issues have become central. Nasdaq offers tools to help corporate governance, it makes sense to address CSR issues. Nasdaq has already offered tools, such as OneReport, but the acquisition of Metrio allows the company to move forward on this topic, supporting companies, because we can only act effectively on what we can measure.

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