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in the table! | Jaïs restaurant, canteen 7 in Paris

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Between small houses and mansions, but above all far from the kitchen of his restaurateur parents, Joss Mimoun developed a real passion for the art of cooking. Today, rue de Surcouf at 7yThe chef has thought of a place on his photo: generous, warm, colorful. His restaurant has become a canteen for an eclectic family who wants to ditch the palace service for an authentic experience, akin to a passionate chef. Dating made easy.

How do you define your kitchen?

Jess Auspicious Rich cuisine with a varied menu including seasonal products. It’s a more refined traditional cuisine thanks to the gourmet kitchen techniques I learned during my years of apprenticeship in Bristol.

What products are you standing up for?

In my restaurant, both in terms of wine and cuisine, we stand for product quality and the expertise of producers and artisans, especially the French. We advocate sustainable agriculture, which is done with respect for the product and the environment in which it is produced, so we prefer small producers.

What recipe or achievement are you most proud of?

I can’t tell you that I’m more proud of one recipe or another because every season, every product I work with allows me to express my creativity. On the other hand, my favorite creation of the moment would be the raw langoustine tartare with lemon zest, stracciatella apulian, roasted buckwheat seeds and kalamata olive oil.

© Juan Echeverry

Your bistronomic cuisine in the casual atmosphere of Jaïs has quickly made canteens all over Paris. But supply is plentiful in the capital, so what do you think are the ingredients for your success?

There is no recipe, just hard work, constant and meticulous. Constant presence, listening to their customers. And we share the love of our craft with every guest. I have always preferred word of mouth, which allows us to maintain a real close relationship between us and clients. It almost becomes like cooking at home.

Is the bistro next door the last socially promiscuous place in Paris?

I think pubs are actually places of social diversity and sharing where very different people, who otherwise would not have met, can share an exhilarating moment and exchange opinions.

This spring, how have you been working on the list? What do the regulars ask of you all year round?

For spring, we worked with the stars of the season: asparagus, warm Lands greens, Petrosian trout egg cream, roasted white asparagus, feta and wild garlic pesto.

As for the regulars, they order the lobster salad, pasta stuffed with artichokes, truffle, foie gras with Mornay Parmesan sauce, succulent semental steak and homemade fries, a dish that has been on the menu since the restaurant opened. and in desserts, organic lemon meringue pie and warm Madeleine cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.

© Juan Echeverry

With whom do you dream of preparing a four-course meal?

One of my dreams of having a four hands dinner with outstanding chef Bruno Veregos has already come true. But I still wanted to have a four-hands dinner with Christophe Pellet, the chef at the Clarence Hotel, who practices a kitchen that I really appreciate.

What dish do you like to cook when you are not working in the restaurant?

Nice grilled chicken or beef tenderloin.

Cook’s tip?

The trick of the chef lies in patience, in always having to taste his preparations, to serve them hot and to season them. These are the basics of cooking that we sometimes forget…

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