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Alpha Blue Ocean, financing with an entrepreneurial vision

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Preferring short-term profitability and lower risk, financial institutions sometimes ignore SMEs and ETIs, preventing them from accessing the necessary capital. However, this is not Alpha Blue Ocean’s vision. On the contrary, its founders, Pierre Vaignos and Hugo Pingray, develop an innovative and assertive entrepreneurial vision, and are now thinking of diversifying the activity while remaining true to their philosophy.

Alpha Blue Ocean has an atypical status in the financial world, why?

We believe that financing should allow companies to get the capital they need to develop, and that’s what we do for more than 80 projects, with over 2 billion investments deployed to date. The family office structure gives us a certain autonomy, we can support the companies we believe in, by focusing on projects. Our customers are the companies we support, remaining attentive to their long-term needs, as we did with Europlasma. We invest more in companies than numbers, and in that sense ABO really has an entrepreneurial vision.

You have a certain appetite for innovation…

Really innovative companies offer good return opportunities, but not always in the short term, and we’ve paved the way quite often. ABO supports projects that provide answers to current problems, which is often the case with technology. Thus, ABO plans to invest in new energies, such as lithium or hydrogen; But also on health, with biotechnologies such as Erytech, which is working on alternatives to antibiotics. We will also focus on projects related to mental health, which has been a hot topic since the Covid-19 crisis.

Alpha Blue Ocean also wants to be open to new perspectives?

completely. To meet the demand of potential partners, we plan to launch a facility that will be listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and become a traditional investment bank, but with our own entrepreneurial philosophy, which is the source of our strength. For us, the debate relates to the shape of this new car, between a company takeover or an official introduction. The takeover can be binding, with the recovery of assets already in place. However, the sometimes conservative vision of AMF still makes us hesitate about creating our own car. However, we have already started our opening up with the creation of a structure dedicated to investing in new technology companies, always true to our finance-to-service approach.
of the real economy, with the launch of Alpha Blue Ocean Digital.

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