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Revolution’Air: responsible business aviation

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Specializing in on-demand flights, the airline created in 2019 is reinventing business aviation. The only company in France to offer low-impact aircraft that are three times cheaper and seven times less polluting than private jets, it wants to change the way people view the sector.

Today, society and the media are challenging the aviation business. But we shouldn’t put everything in the same basket. We provide clean flying, the impact of which has nothing to do with the activity of the derided aircraft.”explains Jean-François Balen, Director of Revolution’Air.

The company currently owns two taxis and a powerful twin-engine aircraft equipped with the latest technology that provides safety and comfort to passengers. With 4 seats on board, they can accommodate business people who need urgent transportation – the company is able to provide takeoff within an hour – or traveling families. With 150 landing sites in France and 2,500 in Europe, the company guarantees its customers that they will be delivered as close as possible to their destination.

An essential qualification process for an airline that places safety at the heart of its business. “We have chosen to operate under an air transport certificate and licence. We meet the same safety and compliance requirements as national companies.”He says.

An ecological and innovative alternative

Our planes consume 50 liters per hour and fly at a speed of 340 km / h. This is approximately 14 l / 100 km. It’s lower than some SUVs or 4×4’s! Our effect is ironic if we highlight it in terms of mileage and efficiency.”Jean-François Palin testifies. Despite the detractors, in terms of business aviation, the company stands out as a serious, low-impact, and more responsible alternative to what is being done on the market. “There is no longer any excuse for going to burn 1.5 or 2 tons of fuel to cover 1,000 or 1,200 kilometers.”Continue.

Taking part in the future of commercial aviation, Revolution’Air is now working together with manufacturers to co-create hybrid engine and electric aircraft.

The only company with such an offer on the French market, the company intends to continue its growth by developing its network in Europe, but also in South Asia and Polynesia. It is also studying applications of its model in emergency medical transportation, especially for organs.

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