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Medic Global: Putting the patient back at the center of the health journey

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Established in 2015, the family-run Medic Global aims to develop multi-specialty health centers across the country that meet the expectations of both patients and health professionals. Innovation, experience, giving and closeness are at the heart of their ambition. Emmanuel Pozzol, co-founder of Medic Global, tells us more about these buildings that come to modify existing health course cards.

What needs are these new health centers meeting?

We wanted to create Multidisciplinary health centers which would respond not only to the problems of medical desertification in a large part of the territory but also to the difficulties of renovating some health professions (particularly general practitioners) or even saturating emergency situations. Our buildings medicallobal Bringing together practitioners from different specialties such as radiologists, general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, orthopedists, etc. This allows synergy between these different professionals. In addition, our buildings meet all criteria for people with reduced mobility. This is a significant advantage for practitioners with practices located in unsuitable residential buildings and who must bring their practices into compliance.

What attracts practitioners?

Almost all health professionals are seeking to regroup. First of all, to reduce real estate expenses which are more expensive, but also to work as a team. This provides them with the possibility of collaborating with practitioners who practice in the same discipline but also with those who practice in a different or complementary discipline. In addition, more and more of them want to find a balance between personal and professional life and thus share work time. We also offer them a world class support offer in their steps of opening their practice through to the completion of their work and even managing the administrative part which can be time consuming! Finally, the large footprint allows our buildings to accommodate self-employed physicians with independently outfitted time-share practices, and to incorporate non-scheduled care centers or even multi-professional (MSP) health centers that also come in to address this need for pooling and current health issues such as chronic disease management or population aging.

How is the design of global health centers from Medic?

People are at the heart of our interests and everything is thought of with that in mind. Reception attendants, trained in the healthcare professions, are the first point of contact with our center. We could have digitized this but we think it’s very important and reassuring to have human contact. We want patients who come to us to worry about nothing but their health. This is why we do our best to absorb and channel the stress that external factors can generate. We offer nearby parking spaces, which can be reserved in advance, play areas for children, as well as childcare during consultation or workplaces. The experience is also multi-sensory as everything is thought of to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, especially thanks to the bright colours, olfactory signature and addition of plants. Our buildings also house pharmacies, laboratories, optical stores… Everything is done to simplify the patient experience!

Can you tell us about your digital offer?

It is a complementary yet essential offering. Our platform aims to take care of the patient from setting an appointment to leaving his consultation by integrating a wide range of services such as teleconsultation, messaging service, child care, concierge services, etc.

As for the practitioner, he will have access to the computerized patient file, remote expertise service and many other functions.

What are the upcoming projects?

So far we are located in Grenoble and Montpellier, Montauban Toulouse and soon we will open centers in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Caen, Tourcoing, Bordeaux, Dijon, Lens, Chessy, Asnières-sur-Seine, Saint-Nazaire and Le Havre. We will double openings in the following years, and our goal is to be as close as possible to patients and respond as quickly as possible to their need for care.

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