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Maison Verhoeven – luxury watchmaker, jeweler and diamond dealer

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Founded in 1908 in Dunkirk, the prestigious Maison Verhoeven is now welcoming its fourth generation of jewelers. Diamantier and gemologist, Axel Verhoeven, joined his father, Eric Verhoeven. If the tradition is still there, the house has been able to reinvent and modernize itself thanks to testimonials and traceability!

Maison Verhoeven is the official distributor for the brands OMEGA – Hublot – Chanel – Bvlgari – Chopard – Fred – Pomellato – Dinh Van – Faberge – Buccellati – Glashot Original – Grand Seiko – Hermès – Bell & Ross – Longines – Parmigiani – Corum – Poirier – Tag Heuer – Zenith – Hanhart – Hamilton – Achilles – Ginette New York – La Brune and Blonde – Riccarlo – Montblanc – Gucci

A home of excellence since 1908

A family business with solid values, steeped in tradition, passed on from generation to generation, our foundation specializes in fine jewelry and luxury watches. Our workshop gives life to exclusive jewelry such as the Éloise collection. Adorned with artwork and designer furniture, our store is a showcase. And to amplify each encounter, we imagined a private club for our clients. A cozy space with a trendy rooftop bar, this unusual venue brings its gentry messages back to the exchange.

You are one of the first French jewelers to refuse to use synthetic diamonds, why?

Produced in industrial quantities, it has no intrinsic value. Moreover, they are environmental aberrations. Their carbon footprint is higher than that of natural diamonds, which when properly mined contribute to the local economy. Also, being aware of these issues, we have chosen to ban synthetic diamonds and only offer certified diamonds. Our collaboration with ITrace guarantees us full traceability, whatever the size of the diamond, and complete transparency regarding the origin of the stones.

You have a great offer of used jewelry and watches, is the flea market growing?

Antique jewelry carries history and has a lot of charm, but it’s also, given the price of gold and quality stones, a smart buy. For jewellery, we discover exclusive pieces signed by jewelers and exceptional stones from professionals, at art markets or through estates. Watchmaking, for its part, is linked to the history of our house. In the 2000s, the most prestigious watch brands were present with us, and now they are focusing on the development of their watches and are gradually abandoning jewelry. This led us to position ourselves in the pre-owned luxury watch market. Thanks to our own workshop, recognized and certified by major watch brands, pre-owned watches regain their shine and are guaranteed for one year.

As gemstone specialists, we offer a Certificate of Authenticity for all of our jewelry, even used ones, as well as Gemological Lab Certificates for all of our stones. We are also thinking of registering our used watches in the blockchain, a system that allows us to know the entire history of the product.

Practical information:
37 Pl. Jean Bart, 59140 Dunkirk
03 28 66 82 75

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