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The highlight is Indigenous theater on the Place des Arts

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Over the next few weeks, Indigenous Voices will take over the Arts Square stages in three different stage productions that will appeal to a wide range of ages.

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First, on Saturday, April 22, families with children aged 5 to 9 were invited to the main hall of the Place des Arts for the “TOQAQ MECIMI PUWIHT / Delphine rêve Toujours” presented by the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (TNO).

Co-produced by Théâtre de la Vieille 17 in Ottawa and Productions Ondinnok in Montreal, it tells the story of Delphine, a young Wolastoqey (Maliseet) girl with a head full of dreams and fierce determination.

Since the death of her late father, Tabla Mahsouma, Delphine has struggled to find her at any cost. One autumn day, as the wind picks up speed, Delphine is transported to the realm of forest spirits.

Playwright Wolastoqey Dave Jenniss’ text addresses themes of transportation and identity and reclaims the language of his ancestors. This show is bilingual in French and Wolastokey has interpreted local and non-native artists.

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Relic, April 27-29

The following weekend there are two shows of Young and the Young at Heart.

From April 27-29, a new show called Remains will be helmed by local creative powerhouse Sarah Jarshore. After the death of their uncle, two brothers, on a well-trodden path of secrets and denial, reunite with their ancestors who cling to them and guide them to the truth and their love for one another.

Brought to you by Shkagamik-Kwe wellness center and finding a home within their Uncle project, “The Remains” is all about healing. It is about deep loss and deeper love. It is about mourning what we have lost and honoring what is left.

The show features local Anishinaabe artists Brett Recollet, Lisa-Marie Naponse, Leland Bell, and Lois Apaquash, as well as Bill Sanders.

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It also includes original music created by Leland Bell, Arlo Gartshore, and Lisa-Marie Naponse, and a soundtrack by Mark Donato and The Sarah King Gold Group.

Theater meets music, April 29

Finally, on April 29, TNO meets young audiences with the song “G’zaagiin maleńki: I promise you a forest.

Children from 18 months to 6 years old will be transported to a world where theater meets music.

Guided by the seasons and the sacred circle of the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel, three performers find themselves on stage: a cellist from Abitibi, a French actress and musician and Anishinabe, and a director who emigrated from Poland.

Together they create an immersive space that weaves sounds, echoes, textures, movement and poetry for all the senses. Drum, cello, voice, breathing and gestures reverberate together, forming a fantasy and mythical forest where young children can make their way through the soundscapes.

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This production of Les Voyageurs immobiles de Gatineau is presented as part of the Petits bonheurs youth arts festival, organized by Carrefour francophone du Grand Sudbury.

Also happening at the Place des Arts in the coming weeks:

– The new exhibition at Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO), Skin transplant/skin seedsIt runs until May 20th. Continuing the environmental approach of Saskatoon artist Laura St. Pierre, this immersive show highlights our relationship to the environment while exposing the harms of our activities.

– On April 23, Éditions Prize de parole is organizing a literary dinner at the Bistro de la Place des Arts to celebrate World Book Day. The event will feature Marie C. Schol Dimanche, who recently wrote the new French translation of Gord Hill’s book “500 Years of the Original Resistance,” as well as Denise Lord, author of the novel “Jack est scrap,” published by Word. price in 2020.

– On May 12, starting at 7 p.m., Franco-Antarian and Abenaki singer-songwriter Mimi Obonsawen celebrated the release of her sixth studio album, “Willow.” Mimi and her partner/co-producer, Ryan Schurman, recorded the album in their studio far out in the woods.

More information and tickets for all of these shows and events are available at the box office on the Place des Arts.

State of the Arts is a fortnightly article from the Sudbury Arts Council.

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