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Maison Melleri, elegance and perfection since 1613

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Between the subtlety of the elegant curves of the Riviera collection and the brilliance of the Queen of Colors collection, the ambition of Laure-Isabelle Melirio, the first woman to head this prestigious house, is to cultivate originality. The 14th generation bears the name Melerio, the in-house designer, art historian and gemologist, breathing new life into the jewelry industry.

Between tradition and modernity

Maison Mellerio, the oldest and last independent jewelry house in the world, has ruled rue de la Paix since 1815. The family saga dates back to 1613, when the inhabitants of Craveggia
They obtained from the regent Marie de Médicis the right to freely conduct their activities as peddlers in France. Distinguished supplier to the royal and imperial courts, the house, always up to date, abounds in the archives and draws his signature, Mellerio Cut, from the “Le beau Sancy” diamond given by Henry IV to Marie de Medici.

Does Melerio’s legacy seem too heavy to bear?

On the contrary, it is a real opportunity. I see myself as a transmission relay, a link in the chain, in our extraordinary family saga. Creative, each generation brought its “stone”. In the history of Melerio, the house has often been run by 2 Melerios, the first having a creative profile and the other an entrepreneurial side, this is the model we recreated with my husband, when he took over in 2015. Deployment is a long process, told over time, in relation to life values Daily, respect for the work of artisans, stones, the word given … My son com joined me in 2019, he has commercial fibers. Our customers know they always have Mellerio in front of them and that trust is essential.

What is your vision of jewelry?

My relationship with jewelry is embodied, I only design pieces that I will wear. You have brought more openness to the world, in terms of current clothing, the accumulation of fine jewelry, but also updated the richness of the Italian Renaissance, through the Color Queen collection, the unique explosion of color. My inspiration comes from my personal history, from family archives, but also from nature and the street, all these components complement each other to give Mellerio a contemporary expression in the jewelry sector so popular. Nature refreshes me, the city inspires me: pattern, color… Jewel design is a kind of architecture. Games of materials, contrast of forms, there are many bridges between these two trades.

You chose Hugo Marchand, the star dancer, to embody Meleriot, why?

Hugo is first and foremost a personal encounter between the two artists. He shares his feelings by dancing like me in my creations. Hugo conjures up this unique shape for us, our signature, Mellerio Cut. It’s a specific cut, scored, oval shape inspired by the “Le beau Sancy” diamond that I took on for my most recent line of Riviera jewelry. The shape is imbued with femininity, curves, and a line very close to movement expressed with grace that we worked with Hugo to translate into dance. In tune with the home, it perfectly captures its spirit and sensibility.

9, rue de la Paix 75002 Paris

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