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King Krule announces new album Space Heavy, shares “Seaforth”: Stream

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New King Krule album coming soon. Space heavy It’s coming out June 9th via Matador, and project mastermind Archie Marshall has provided a sample of what’s to come with the beautiful new single “Seaforth.”

Marshall is now writing a decade after his debut album as King Krule Space heavy For the past two years while traveling back and forth between London and Liverpool, the two cities where he’s been dividing his time. The album is described as an exploration of “the space in between”—or, as a press release explains, “the space haunted by dreams of love, touching narrative of the loss of connection, the loss of people and situations to the guillotine of the universe.”

Once Marshall wrote the record, he fleshed it out in the studio with producer Dilip Harris, as well as longtime band members saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores, drummer George Bass, bassist James Wilson, and guitarist Jack Toll. Pre-orders for physical copies are ongoing.


Sonically, “Seaforth” is a little more soulful than the music we’re used to hearing from King Krule, but it’s still wrapped in his dark point of view. Across a whirlwind beat and bright, dreamy guitars, Marshall’s narrator seems to contemplate the experience of romantic love in the context of a doomed world: “Baby, this faith is all I have / We share the dark days between us / They put a heavy distance between us.” But he doesn’t seem to agonize too much during said dark days – instead, “Seaforth” seems to be enjoying the miracle of finding true love in a cruel world.

Even better, “Seaforth” arrives with an accompanying music video starring Marshall and his band along with some incredibly cute puppies. Check it out below, then keep scrolling to see the album’s artwork and track listing Heavy space.

The latest Kings Marshall Krule LP is 2020 Man alive!

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Space heavy Artwork:

Space heavy track list:
01. Flimsier
02. Pink Shell
03. Seaforth
04. This is my life, this is yours
05. The turtle of independence
06. An empty stomach space cadet
07. Fragility
08. Hamburger phobia
09. From the swamp
10. Sea Girl
11. Our emptiness
12. Heavy Space
13. When fading out
14. If only it was warm
15. Wednesday is clear


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