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Head of press Frank Papazian bought the brilliant Who’s Who in France

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The Who’s Who in France was bought by Frank Papazian, businessman and head of the press

The Who’s Who gets a makeover. Franck Papazian, founder of Mediaschool, a group of communication schools attended by 10,000 students today in France and Europe, and owner of professional newspaper titles CB News, Strategies, Pub and Le Journal du Luxe, announces the acquisition and influential biographical dictionary of French personalities, Who’s Who.

Long before the sudden death of Antoine Hebrard, the well-known editor of Who’s Who, which occurred on the 13th of March, I had entered into discussions with him and we had to report this news together, a month in advance. I wished, out of respect for him and his family, to postpone the date of this announcement, it goes without saying Frank Papazian confirms. First of all, I would like to pay my sincere appreciation for the work done all these years on what is today considered to be a prestigious and reference work, highlighting active French personalities distinguished by their work and talents. , in all disciplines ».

Launched in 1953 by publisher Jacques Lafitte, W.C who is who It is updated every year. It is distributed in 5,000 copies. This unique guide lists nearly 22,000 French personalities from all walks of life selected according to rigorous criteria and validated by a voluntary and anonymous ethical selection committee. Who’s Who has been recognized for the quality, objectivity, and independence of its selection since its free entry, and since its inception. Each CV is the result of in-depth fact-checking research work carried out jointly by the 4-CV Editorial Board and the people involved. The quality and accuracy of the data produced at Who’s Who is unique. All the data in the directory is grouped together and only exists in this work, it is checked by the internal teams and the records are finally validated by the referenced characters. ” Today, The Who’s Who is the only reliable source of data on selected characters with the greatest accuracy ». Frank Papazian says. It has a very useful function for those who have it, because they can find reliable information both on the background of the characters present, as well as on their hobbies and personal address.. »

A reflection of the influential figures that animate France

Appearing in Who’s Who is the guarantee of participating in a network of influence recognized by the greatest but also the media and identified as a reference in your professional field. The Who’s Who list is used by businessmen and women, journalists, heads of the press, headhunters, corporations and ministries on a daily professional basis. Version after version, it is an indispensable source of reliable data to get contacts at the highest level, expand network, establish connections, organize meetings, forge links…

New aspirations for who is who

Frank Papazian aims to “awaken the sleeping beauty” as Antoine Hebrard liked to tell him in their first exchange about this rendition. The Who’s Who will thus benefit from a new development plan that will be managed by the existing teams, under the leadership of Frank Papazian, who is keen to remain active in this new and exciting adventure. Buying Who’s Who, a quasi-heritage brand, is also important to this former advertiser. Its goal is to reject the brand’s DNA who is who Built around influence networks, to organize exhilarating moments for its members from networking, cocktails, debates or even exclusive events.

In addition, it will also be a matter of feeding the existing online platform, by enriching it with content productions, such as interviews with personalities. ” The Who’s Who has the potential to become one of the most powerful French networks of influence Develops Frank Papazian. “ The quality of its members is unparalleled. Highlighting it through interviews, pictorial or written, will make it possible to enhance our economic, cultural and artistic wealth … and to build a new medium of influence to convey the values ​​of the members and companies represented. »

But the major novelty is the aim of portability and access to the regional figures of Who’s Who France and its events in the provinces. Directory will be more open to the 13 regions of France to promote local members. Each year, 500 new characters enter Who’s Who list and 500 characters leave. Either because they are no longer active or because they have changed countries, or because the selection committee has deemed that they are no longer eligible. Found in Who’s Who: Companies: artisans, researchers, scientists, artists, athletes, actors, lawyers, ministers or even diplomats.

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