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Apple and Canal + sign a multi-year Landmark agreement

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Apple and Canal+ have signed a landmark agreement that will bring Apple TV+ to all Canal+ subscribers in France, as well as in some other European regions.

The deal differs from the aggregation deals that Canal+ has with other broadcasters such as Disney+ and Netflix, whose shows can be accessed as part of the French pay-TV operator’s package.

As part of this agreement, Apple TV+ will be available at no additional cost to Canal+ subscribers starting April 20th. Canal+ customers can easily and conveniently access Apple TV+ movies and series directly from their existing box, without the need for a separate app or subscription. . This is a multi-regional agreement for France, French-speaking Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

talk to diverseEddie Cue, senior vice president of services at Apple, and Maxime Saade, chairman of the board of directors of Canal + and CEO of the Canal + Group, said that they have known each other for years and celebrated the idea of ​​​​marriage. The duo first worked together 15 years ago when Apple “got into the iTunes business” and have stayed in touch.

“I tried to find the best content for people around the world, and that’s how I was introduced to Canal Plus. I never would have thought we would get into this business ourselves, but I had a huge appreciation and learned a lot over these years how amazing Canal+, Maxime Saada and his team are,” he said. Cue.

Cue highlighted the longevity of the multi-year alliance. It’s a real partnership. It’s not an upgrade and it’s not a one-time thing. It’s something that lasts for many years and I hope will last forever in my mind,” Qiu said.

Meanwhile, Saadeh said Apple is the “only brand” with which Canal+ could consider a global deal. “Because throughout its history, Apple has revolutionized every category of products and services it has chosen to enter. It has always been number one.”

And he continued: “When Apple set out to develop televisions and launch Apple TV, it was a first-class experience (…) and with Apple TV + they applied such high standards and excellence to content and in just a few years, they became one of the leading technology companies in the world. this industry.

Saadeh revealed that a number of Apple’s original series will be shown on the main channel, Canal +, starting with “The Morning Show”.

Cue said Apple is not exploring similar deals elsewhere at this point. No discussions or ideas or anything like that. “This is a unique situation,” said the CEO.

Cue has also admitted to being a fan of French culture. “I have always had a great appreciation for the culture and the entertainment industry in France and I think the French have a great appreciation for the content itself.”

Neither Cue nor Saada were willing to disclose the financial terms of the deal. But Keogh said, “Rest assured that more people watch is good for both of us. The level of French contributions, he says, is “good and it’s going to be really nice.”

Apple TV+ launched on November 1, 2019. The slate includes movies, documentaries, and original series, “Ted Lasso” which just launched its third season, and the Oscar-winning “Coda,” which was acquired by Sundance in 2021.

Apple TV+ recently launched its first French original, “Liaison,” a Franco-British thriller starring Vincent Cassel and Eva Green and written by Virginie Braque (“Spirale”). The episode’s world premiere was on February 24. Banner’s second French project, “God’s Drops,” was featured on the Mania series last month. The Franco-Japanese show is based on the hit, award-winning manga written by Tadashi Aji and Shu Okimoto. It will be presented on April 21.

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