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JET emlyon, a business service that supports businesses in their development

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Created in 1989, JET Emlyon offers marketing solutions to all companies adapted to their needs with a personalized service. Double advantage, for both students and companies.

Referred to as the first employment service in France, JET emlyon is the Professional Associations Act of 1901, linked to the status of a small enterprise. It has a cohort of over 3,000 contributing students from the school ranging from Bac+4 to Bac+5, who deal with companies on various marketing missions. commercial prospecting, administering surveys, and collecting data, street marketingOr create web content or commercial animation, the possibilities are numerous but adapt according to the needs and goals of the client. “Our strength is our response”, confirms Justin Manta, president of the association. “We have very short response times. This is consistent with our desire to be available and flexible to our customers and to have a certain affinity with them in order to better accommodate their needs.”

Supported by the educational teaching of the emlyon Business School, JET also operates in Saint-Etienne and Paris where the school has two campuses. In 2022, it carried out 169 missions with a total turnover of €268,781.

Qualified students in corporate service

The Job Service offers a double advantage, as well as a job for entrepreneurs who can provide high-quality prestations and a tarif moindre that they are available to work with in a cabinet, all with an approche more personnalisée and a certain rapidity. ‘to implement. For students, the interest is to be able to carry out educational tasks in order to apply all the knowledge gained in Emlyon and to be able to establish professional connections.

The association also created a program to improve the process of hiring disabled workers and make tasks easier. “We also prioritize the recruitment of scholarship students,” Justin Manta adds.

Always with the aim of development, JET now wants to diversify its tasks further and in particular the development of the digital branch for which the demand from companies is constantly evolving. The association is also in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 and Lucie 26000 certifications.

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