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Discover LEVEL Gallery, an oasis between modern design and contemporary art for the Charles Riva Collection

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It is a meeting between modern and contemporary design and the works of big names in contemporary art presented by Laffanour / Galerie Downtown Paris, in collaboration with the Charles Riva Collection Find the LEVEL Gallery, signed by François Laffanour and Charles Riva.

This unprecedented collaboration between François Lavanour and Charles Riva is available in two stages: the first exhibition in Paris at Galerie Downtown from 24 March to 29 April 2023, and the other at the Charles Riva Collection in Brussels, from 19 April to 1 July. .2023.

After the success of her collaboration with Beirutin GalleryAnd Francois Lavanour Once again creates a dialogue between designer furniture and contemporary art, in partnership with collector Charles Riva, highlighting the work of the great creators of The twentieth and twenty-first centuries. For the latter, of French-Italian descent, it is a godsend. Because Charles Riva is particularly fond of the idea of ​​creating a dialogue between works from different sources, which stems from his desire to break away from the white cube concept characteristic of contemporary art galleries. ” I made this hub from an art dealer to a collector. I have evolved with my time, and now I thrive through collaboration The collector explains. This collaboration with François Lavanour, whom he had known for a long time, was a natural choice: a cross between furniture and graphic arts, mutually enriching, with pieces of exceptional standard, hence the title of the LEVEL exhibition. ” This double show that recreates a collector’s apartment with vintage and contemporary pieces allows us to mutually invite each other with François Lavanour, and allows art lovers to discover two chapters of our exhibition, in Paris as in Brussels. Charles Riva develops.

aesthetic integration

On the one hand, modern design with iconic figures such as Jean BrophyAnd Pierre Generet or Le Corbusierembellished with some of the contemporary Korean designer’s poetic pieces Choi Byung-hun. On the other hand, a selection of works by contemporary American artists such as Paul McCarthy and Richard Prince or conceptual artist Christopher Wall. Thus, the exhibition tends to create an aesthetic integration between these two worlds under the watchful eye François Lavaneur and Charles Riva. Through this collaboration, the latter two implement the vision of art they share: illuminating works by contextualizing them, creating real living spaces, at a crossroads with the architecture of the interior.

Abstract work by Christopher Wall.

Since its early opening the eightiesDowntown Gallery, created by François Lavanour, explores and shows through its exhibitions the furniture of architects of the twentieth century, helping to rehabilitate and promote the masters of post-war architecture. The Charles Riva Collection, for its part, is a collection of contemporary art, mostly American, housed in a magnificent 14th-century mansion in the Louise district of Brussels.

Of Franco-Italian descent, Charles Riva began collecting contemporary art in the 1990s, opening his first gallery at New York At 23, then two years in London and two in Paris called Sutton Lane. Dissatisfied with the “business model” of traditional galleries, he finally decided to close all his galleries without losing his passion as a collector. His collection became more and more important, Charles Riva decided to open it to the public in 2008. He therefore moved to Brussels and organized an average of two exhibitions of contemporary art per year.

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