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Construction: 100,000 jobs at risk in France | Wind and solar will provide 12% of the world’s electricity in 2022

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No. Today ➡ 100,000 employees | French Federation of Building (FFB) has issued a worrying warning about the future of employment in the construction sector. According to the FFB, the new real estate crisis threatens to limit 100,000 jobs in building by the end of 2024.”The spring of new housing has crashed, so employment is threatened in 2024; At the end of 2024, 100,000 employees are at risk” , to caution Oliver Saleron, head of the FFB. The new housing crisis is due in part to rising construction costs and interest rates, which have deterred buyers in their projects. FFB appreciated it Construction activity is expected to decline by 4% between 2022 and 2025resulting in a decline in employment of about 7% over the same period, or about 100,000 full-time equivalents less.


Optimization activity – maintenance, which includes renewal energy, certainly by 2.1% in 2022, but that is not enough to overcome the collapse in new construction. Therefore I suggested FFB Several measures aimed at lifting the ban on the activitysuch as relaxing rules for granting credits and soil processing, tax incentive schemes and increasing the amount allocated to MaPrimeRenovHowever, the FFB insisted that immediate action was needed to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

News ➡ Renewable energy will reach a record 39% of global electricity in 2022 | Renewable energy, winds And Solaran actress 12% of global electricity production in 2022which is a record high, but coal remains the main source of electricity, according to a report by the Center for Energy Research Ember. The report reveals that the combination of all The percentage of clean electricity sources reached 39%.while the Fossil fuels rest covered. More than 60 countries now get more than 10% of their electricity from renewables, with the European Union leading with 22% of electricity from renewables and 24% growth in solar power. Despite this progress, coal remains the world’s main source of electricity, producing 36% of electricity in 2022, an increase of 1.1%. This situation has led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions to a new record 12 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 20202. However, experts estimate that 2022 could be the “peak year of emissions associated with the electricity sector and the final year of fossil fuel growth” in this sector.

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