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Marine Music, creative freedom in jewelry design service

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Since 2016, in her design studio, Marine Meudec has been imagining unique jewelry collections or jewelry pieces for clients from all walks of life.

profession passion

A creative at heart and the daughter of an artist, Marine Meudec has always evolved in the art world since her childhood. Thanks to her mother’s workshop, she experiments with various tools and techniques. But love at first sight will happen when she visits Paul’s school and discovers that the students are busy creating and designing fine jewelry. A real bridge between tradition and modernity, the momentum that this school instills corresponds to its aspirations, especially as it is fascinated by the beauty of stones and materials. With her artistic heritage, she is not afraid to express her full creative palette and knows that one can thrive in her art successfully in order to make it her professional passion. Once she leaves school, she will work for big names including Chanel, François Garaude or Claire Devé, before opening her own design studio in 2016. From now on, she expresses her creativity with freedom, freshness and originality to clients. completely different from each other. In fact, the designer works just as well with the big names in traditional jewelry as he does with accessible jewelry brands or young entrepreneurs. This multiplicity of contracts and projects gives him every scope to create without ever getting tired because no day is like another and everything seems to be constantly renewed on the jewels created.

From the very first drawing, the jewel comes to life

So each client brings the designer his share of surprises and the unexpected. There is always this first stage of listening, where she carefully notes the words her client uses in order to immerse himself in his philosophy. Then you combine the visuals to create a mood board and thus define the atmosphere and line concept. Based on this mood board and assembly plan, ideas then appear in the form of sketches. Everything inspires her, from architecture to drawing details of a dress or the beauty of nature. She does not confine herself to a specific period or to a single art that she creates, as her constant curiosity encourages her to step out of her comfort zone. However, she does not lose sight of the limitations in terms of desires, manufacture and budget. Obviously, the business is not the same for creating a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry as it is for a mass-produced jewelry collection. But that’s what makes the job beautiful for the designer: This constant challenge pushes her to go above and beyond. So she not only presents her projects based on her drawings and mood boards, but also shows her clients a 3D model of each gem in order to give a concrete idea of ​​her final version to be marketed once the prototypes have been verified.

Creative tandem until the completion of the project

With its clients, Marine Meudec builds long-term relationships and works in perfect synergy with all. “It’s very exciting to be involved from the very beginning of the project,” she says. This is the brainstorming stage, where ideas pour in, where everything takes shape gradually. The constraints of marketing and advertising around products are still too far away for customers who are completely focused on this creative stage. With great respect for each client, she has to work on very diverse projects, particularly with a younger generation of entrepreneurs who bring a new ethic and pioneering vision to the somewhat conservative world of jewelry. She also used to say that she likes to promote both traditional knowledge and local craftsmanship while the winds of modernity blow in the profession. She surprises, reinvents and questions the laws of her environment, and is undisciplined because she is in a very disciplined profession. The proof is that its audacity is attractive. In addition to its French and Swiss clients, it is now in demand for projects in China, Morocco and the Middle East.

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