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I. Mobile Ecosystems, Africa’s digital inclusion solution

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The lack of banking services in Africa is a major obstacle to the economic and social inclusion of the population. The digital revolution aims to provide answers. Evidence of the innovative solution launched by the company this year I. mobile ecosystems on the continent.

We know that. The lack of banks in Africa is a major challenge for the continent. To overcome this, the latter has widely adopted mobile financial services. In order to promote the financial inclusion of the African population, while on the continent, about 90% of transactions continue to be carried out in cash according to the World Bank, a mobile phone is still essential. “Africa is experiencing an exponential growth in the rate of mobile equipment,” says Christian Massuji. The smartphone is the main tool in terms of inclusion and socio-economic development in Africa. »

Focus on user needs

Christian Masugi, a former Ericsson and Sony telecom industry specialist, himself of Congolese descent, is the CEO and founder of ME. mobile ecosystems. The company offers an innovative, mobile and secure platform, accessible from a smartphone. “Our solution, dedicated to the African and diaspora markets, is presented as a super-application, completely focused on user needs,” explains the entrepreneur. The latter operates on a one-stop model and gives the user instant access to a wide range of services in many areas. It can be financial (online banking or small loans) or related to other basic needs such as health or agricultural technology. On the other hand, access to formalization tools for small businesses will also be made via our platform. »

The solution will be launched on the African continent during the summer of 2023. The first markets involved include Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Morocco. “Based on these test markets, we will gradually expand our offer to the entire African market,” Christian Massuji specifies. This will be done in close collaboration with private and public sector actors. We will also rely on a number of NGOs active in implementing various integration programmes. »

Women on the front line

As such, i. Mobile Ecosystems has signed a strategic and financial partnership in West Africa. “Our official ambassador, a successful entrepreneur from the agricultural sector, for the Francophone and Anglophone African region that stretches from Senegal to Nigeria, will be the ideal spokesperson for all those women who are looking for holistic solutions, in furthering their professional activity,” affirms Christian Masugi.

In total, through this partnership, more than 2,000 business women in the region will be given the new ME Universal Smartphone for free. This gives them access to a range of services specifically designed to improve their daily lives, while providing them with concrete solutions in their professional activity.

“We are indeed paving the way for a new paradigm that will enable rapid improvement in the social and economic conditions of all Africans,” he concluded. Christian Masuji.

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