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Succession delivers its biggest curveball yet in ‘Connor’s Wedding’: recap

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 3, “Connor’s Wedding.”]

Nobody wins a dad kiss. Logan Roy is dead, and now it remains to be seen what happens with those he left behind.

From the first glimpse of the episode 3 title, “Connor’s Wedding” was kind of a cheeky retrospective, and it’s clear Succession He was preparing for something big, but said title also proved to be a complete misdirection. Yes, the Roy family gathers to celebrate the unabashed assurance of Connor and Wola’s love, but then, slowly at first but very quickly, a different tragedy reveals itself.


The episode feels like it’s taking place in real time as the Roy siblings learn that Logan suffered a medical emergency on his plane… which ultimately led to his death. There’s a chilling quality to its urgency – one moment he’s climbing the ladder, talking big about becoming aggressive, manipulating Roman into becoming the one to fire Jerry, and the next, he’s getting chest compressions, his kids on the floor trying to understand exactly what you mean.

Logan, Roman, and Chief get their chance to say something of a goodbye over Tom’s phone, but they are one-sided conversations. Everyone repeats, “It’s too bad.” These characters could be some of the most intelligent characters on TV, but those are the best words they have in this moment.

As soon as the news gets out, they start touching each other constantly, but as they do it for the first time, it’s like they don’t know how any of this works. Greg gets the news more bluntly and harshly than the others, with a warning from Tom: “If this leaks, it’s a stock price rodeo and big mouth slit throat, okay?”



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