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An exchange student highlights the differences between French and American school uniforms

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As a French exchange student living in the US, TIC user Tac Ju’ (@ju.imbt) has definitely had to adjust to some cultural differences between home and America. But one thing you might not have expected it to be so different is the everyday wardrobe, which seems to have a completely different vibe in every country.

“POV: You’re a French girl in an American high school,” the video’s transcript reads, as Joe makes his debut in a cute black and white skirt, black jacket, and black T-shirt.

By American standards, she looks perfectly dressed and even wears a few clothes for school day. But that’s when there’s a soundtrack to Spongebob Square Pants In the video, he asks, “Why aren’t you in military uniform?”

Seconds later, Jo reappears in what she actually wears to school – decidedly chic.

With her hair in a messy bun, water bottle in one hand and a laptop under one arm, the teen has ditched her preppy look and now wears a Nike sweatshirt with high-waisted black shorts. In other words, you’re channeling VSCO’s American Girl with a sports edge.

In the comments, people had a wide range of reactions.

For starters, many people have championed the casual American look.

“Yeah! We feel good here!” one person wrote.

“Athlete!” said another person.

Someone else reminded him not to forget Crocs.

Another added, “If I could wear a second uniform at school, I would be very happy.

But many other commentators preferred the more cohesive French look.

One said, “I wish we were wearing casual clothes in high school. Like in reality.” »

“Don’t get dressed girl, I love doing that too,” chimed another.

Another person said: “The French high school uniform is fire.”

But most importantly, people remind Jo that she shouldn’t feel peer pressure to wear a certain “uniform” one way or another. Instead, encourage her to be confident and wear whatever she wants.

“Don’t let people shame you,” someone advised.

Another said, “You choose what you want to choose.”

“The first outfit will make you dress better!” someone else told him.

Others have simply pointed out that the true American high school aesthetic right now is more about freedom of expression — meaning it shouldn’t feel stuck in any corner.

“American high school means you can dress like ASB girls, in business casual or literally vampires,” TikToker told Joe. “As long as it’s not spaghetti tho.” »

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The Post-Exchange Student sheds light on the differences between French and American school uniforms in his conscious debut.

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