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Troopy: the pioneer of clean shared mobility

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A major player in shared mobility in Paris, Troopy offers a fleet of 100% electric scooters so that everyone can move freely and respectfully in Paris and the inner suburbs.

Founded in 2007, the company offers accessible two-wheeler self-service throughout the capital and surrounding areas. In this sector, Troopy stands out by advocating a profound transformation of urban and peri-urban mobility with its range of 100% shared electric scooters. “We want to become the pioneers of shared mobility in Europe”says Mathilde Carcelles, Secretary General.

To do this, the company benefits from serious support, including the Parisian group of Chabat dealers, which has notably enabled the creation of foreign brands such as Ssangyong, Honda and Kia. Troopy can also be proud of having cemented an unprecedented partnership with the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world: Yamaha.

When Axel Velaseca, 5H At the helm of this family group, he founded Troopy, infusing it with a strong culture of innovation. The company brought its first thermal fleet to the market in 2018. “From 2022 we launch our new 100% electric fleet, consisting of 50 cc and 125 cc. It’s Troopy’s idiosyncrasy,” Mathilde Carcelles explains. Since then, there are 1,600 scooters accessible throughout Paris and soon across France and Europe.

Mobility, a sustainable development issue

“The future of mobility will be shared!” Mathilde Carcelles says: “In our cities, more and more people are giving up their cars in favor of shared mobility. Demand is growing and will continue to grow.”She continues.

To move towards the sustainable city of tomorrow, transforming our transportation is a necessity. In this context, Troopy is withdrawing from the game by joining the decarbonisation of cities. “With ZFE and its acronyms, we will soon no longer be able to drive with internal combustion engines in our cities. If only for this reason, clean shared mobility will soon be welcomed”Presents the company’s general secretary. Troopy’s offer is a solution of the future for all urbanites who don’t have the desire or means to invest in an electric vehicle.

Troopy now wants to establish itself in the Paris region and export its fleets to other cities in France and Europe. To do this, it relies on franchise development, especially with Yamaha dealers.

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