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Kotut Rohrig: expert in genetic genealogy

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A leader in the estate genealogy market, Kotut Rohrig specializes in heir research. In support of notaries, bankers and insurance companies, the group contributes to the fight against government takeover.

“As long as they do not have a definite list of heirs, notaries cannot settle the succession. They call us when they are in front of a blank page.”explains Guillaume Rohrig, Group CEO. Coutot-Roehrig has built its expertise since 1894. This allows it to draw on a massive database built over the years that its researchers refer to before launching a broader search of town halls, archives, and baits to recreate genealogical tables.

Before that, people were born, lived in the same place, and were not divorced. Our profession has evolved with habits and lifestyles. Today, we are looking for closer and closer heirs. More than one in three files requires children, brothers, sisters, or nieces and nephews to be found.says the commander. The family is pluralistic and global, which pushes the company – already present in 32 offices across France and 12 internationally – to act and continue its development beyond our borders. “Currently we have a foreign element on file about one in four. In 2030 it will be one in two and by 2040 they will all involve international research”Guillaume Rohrig predicts.

Human foundation above all

“The main capital for us is human capital”says the manager. Indeed, despite its size, the group of 320 employees has cultivated the DNA of a family business. A staple in the history of a group that has known only 4 CEOs in nearly 130 years. This identity allows the group to shine, attracting the best profiles and striving for excellence.

For Guillaume Roehrig, people are key. The search for an heir requires a lot of sympathy. “I think our job has a lot of meaning. We pass on a heritage, part of a genealogy but also emotions. We create or re-create the link between generations by building a bridge between past and present. I think it’s good work.”trust.

Coutot-Roehrig’s leadership no longer needed proof. However, it is determined to continue its development and accelerate its international growth. For this, the company, which already has BPI in its capital, would like to expand its stake.

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