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Auteuil M&A Conseil, specializing in financial advisory

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Supporting large groups, medium-sized companies and private equity investors, Auteuil M & A Conseil specializes in services related to corporate acquisitions. Whatever the structure of the organization, this service provider is capable of initiating, executing and negotiating all types of acquisitions.

As experts in financial advisory, the Auteuil M&A Conseil team implements a range of financial, legal, tax and accounting techniques that enable it to carry out business combinations. With expertise in portfolio optimization and acquisitions across European borders, Pierre Escoffier, its founder, aims to bring his M&A skills to clients motivated by external growth. This store is also responsible for guiding clients who have neither experience in researching acquisition targets, nor the ability to take a direct approach to specific companies. according to the needs of the applicant Auteuil M&A Consulting It can provide either a full mandate or a tailor-made service.

Services offered by AUTEUIL M&A Conseil

Adapted to ambitious organizations, the services offered by Auteuil M&A Conseil cater to corporate procurement. This structure can support both acquisition strategy, target search, specific corporate approach, transaction execution, legal document negotiation, and even acquiring company integration. Thus Auteuil M&A Conseil can support its clients from the implementation of the acquisition strategy until the actual completion of the acquisition process. Concretely, Auteuil M&A Conseil’s services include “examining” the market, communicating with identified targets on behalf of its clients, analyzing financial, accounting, legal, financial and social information sent by vendors, evaluating companies, drafting indicative proposals, overseeing due diligence, drafting corporate proposals, and negotiating regarding acquisition contracts.

AUTEUIL M & A Consulting and its strengths

Auteuil M & A Conseil has solid experience in the B2B sector, particularly in the distribution of industrial supplies and the production and distribution of personal protective equipment. On a larger scale, all issues of industrial and commercial services concern this structure. The founder of Auteuil M&A Conseil has done many cross border transactions in his career; Thus it can easily intervene in many European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe. This provider focuses on transactions between 1 and 200 million euros in trading volume. The other advantage of Auteuil M&A Conseil is undoubtedly the experience and skills of its director, Pierre Escoffier. In fact, this founder has worked 6 years in an investment bank, 4 years in a regulator and over 15 years in various industry groups, on M&A sites.

A company in full development, AUTEUIL M&A Conseil offers complete and tailor-made services in the field of business acquisition.

AUTEUIL M & A Consultant

27, avenue Jean de La Fontaine, 75016 Paris
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